Shikakai Benefits for Skin


Shikakai is a popular herb used in various hair and skin care products. For decades, it is being used in remedies to promote hair growth, control hair fall, and treat other skin conditions. Shikakai powder is also an essential part of, herbal shampoos, hair packs, and similar hair wash products. Shikakai is a member of the Mimosaceae family.

Generally, Shikakai grows in the Western and South East Asia. It is even common in the Southern and Central India. It requires a moderate climate to grow and is, therefore, grown mostly in tropical climates.

Shikakai contains good quantity of vitamin A, C, D, E, and K. For this reason, it is widely used for various skin and hair conditions. Adding further, being a rich source of antioxidants, it promotes hair growth. Apart from providing excellent benefits for hair, Shikakai also offers wide range of benefits to make your skin glow beautifully.

Shikakai is popularly known for its amazing benefits for hair health. However, besides being an excellent hair growth stimulator, Shikakai also provides amazing benefits for skin. It helps to treat numerous scalp conditions and diseases. Putting the facts, Shikakai can work wonders for the skin. Here are some of the simplest ways to use this wonder herb for skin benefits.

1.Treats Spots on Skin

Shikakai for face

Shikakai helps to eliminate dead cells to provide a natural glow to the skin. Mix ½ teaspoon of Shikakai powder with a tablespoon of turmeric, almond powder, and cream. Further, add two tablespoons of honey to the mixture. Use this mixture as a body scrub. This mixture would not only reduce spots on skin but also provide a natural glow. Surprisingly, it is also quite effective in preventing age spots when added to any natural fruit and applied as a face mask.

2.Treats Scabies

Shikakai is also effective in treatment of skin ailments like scabies. For desired benefits, prepare an antiseptic body wash by mixing turmeric and Shikakai. For this, soak raw turmeric in warm water for some time. Grind it to prepare a paste. Further, burn Shikakai pods until black and grind to get Shikakai powder. Mix two of them and with milk. Strain the mixture and use as a body wash.

3.Treats Cuts and Boils

Burn some Shikakai pods. Further, grind them to make fine powder. Mix this powder with a teaspoon of Neem powder. Add a little water to prepare a paste. Apply this paste on summer boils for quick and effective healing.

4.Use as a Body Wash

Shikakai also serves as an amazing body wash. To get this benefit, cook and steam some rice with some excess water than usually required quantity. Use the left over water to mix with Shikakai powder and use the mixture as a body wash. This natural body wash is quite effective for those suffering from skin infections and other related diseases. 

5.Excellent Antiseptic

Shikakai is also considered as an excellent antiseptic. Use it to cure cuts and wounds occurring not only on the scalp but also on other external body parts as well.

6.Treats Scalp Infections

Dandruff, although a hair related problem, is basically a skin condition of the infected scalp. Prepare a paste by mixing Shikakai with Amla and Neem leaves. Apply this paste over your scalp to treat dandruff and other scalp conditions as well.

7.Prepare a Body Wash

You can prepare a body wash using Shikakai and rice kanji. To prepare rice kanji, boil some rice in some excess water than required. Strain out the excess water after rice gets cooked. The strained water is called rice kanji. Allow this kanji to cool. Now, mix it with some Shikakai powder to form a smooth liquid. Use the prepared mixture as a body wash. You can add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice to make it smell nice and better. This body wash is specially recommended for those suffering from skin infections and other related diseases.

8.Anti-aging Skin Scrub

Shikakai on skin

Shikakai acts as an effective anti-aging scrub for the skin. To use, prepare a paste by mixing one teaspoon of Shikakai powder with one tablespoon each of turmeric, almond powder, and an effective moisturizer. Further add two tablespoons of honey. Now, use the prepared mixture as a scrub for your skin.

Wrapping up, Shikakai is known to work as an effective moisturizer for dry skin. It retains the glow and health of your skin by retaining it’s natural moisture. It penetrates deep into the dry layers of the skin and restores the natural glow. Above all, Shikakai is highly beneficial soothing and for those suffering from eczema or psoriasis.

Try your hands on this natural and impressive plant in your daily skin care routine to obtain its unmatched benefits.

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