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Parenting is a full time job and has never been easy. One needs to be highly creative as well as patient to manage innumerable issues with kids. But, with recent studies and research, parenting has become easier as never before. Being only strict as a parent to impose hard and fast rules for every concern, small or big, is a thing of past.

The present day generation doesn’t like being monitored on small issues. They want to enjoy their lives as free birds but there have to certainly be some limits. But it is a technique itself to set these limits for your kids and also make the follow your rules and discipline happily.

Check out the following tips to help you make parenting an easy task and equally enjoyable.

Spend Quality Time with Kids

Mother spending time with child

Giving your time to your kids is undoubtedly the most precious thing and the most effective way to raise happy children. This can be in any form through activities like reading together, playing with them, or scheduling special daily time. Cooking together is another great activity to spend quality time with kids. An undisturbed interaction of 15-20 minutes a day through any fruitful activity is the best way to show love to your child.

Another good idea is to encourage daddy time as well. Kids with engaged fathers are seen to be good at studies, capable of solving problems more efficiently, and cope with life in better ways.

Set Limits Smartly

Setting limits is an important aspect of parenting and requires utmost care as well. It is important to make sure that you don’t clip your child’s wings when setting the limits. Try to show your love in setting the limits while making the kids understand and manage this confusing world. There is no need to fix everything for your child. Make them find solutions to their problems on their own.

Another important aspect is learning to choose your battles. It is useless to argue about small things such as occasional potty language or your kids’ choice of fashion. It is rather important to lay stress on more important things like no lying, no hitting, and rude talk.

Praise Them!

It is important to praise your kid for every good deed done by him, irrespective of it being small or big. Instead of a simple “Thank You”, make it a point to be more specific about what he has done for you or someone else. This is probably one of the best techniques to reinforce good behavior that continues for a long lasting time.

Play a Role Model

Children don’t learn what you teach. Rather they learn what they see. So, it is important that you play the role model for your child. Do what you want them to do. If you want your child to grow up as an honest and truthful adult, it is important for you to be one first. If you want your child to care for the environment, show your love for the same.

Raise Thankful Kids

As a good parent, it is important to speak to them about the importance of being a good individual. Talk to them about values like honesty, generosity, gratefulness, and respect. The best ways to do this is reading out bedtime stories to them and talk about the characters being nice or mean for various reasons.

 Teach Social Skills

Social skills make another important part of parenting. Make them learn the art of meaningful interaction through healthy conversation. Teach them about the eye contact. One of the easiest ways is by asking the child about the color of another person’s eyes. Eye contact helps to kill hesitation and also increases the confidence level of your child.

Tell that you Love them

Tell your children how much you love them. You can show a unique treatment to your child while showing equal love to your children at the same time. Parenting is considered as the most grueling task on the planet. Your laundry may be piled up, your house is all messed up but your kids laughed. Don’t miss on enjoying and savoring these precious moments with your children to build cherished memories.

Make Family Meals Compulsory

Positive parenting

Family meals help to strengthen the bond between family members in a relaxed way. You can share happy news and jokes or just discuss your day’s activities. Adding further, it also helps to develop healthy eating habits among kids.

Wrapping up, parenting becomes easier and more fun filled if taken as a play instead of a task. Try to make it as interactive as possible to make your life filled with love and create a sense of being loved among your kids.

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