Facile DIY Pregnancy Test at Home with Toothpaste


Looking forward to a parent-to-be? If Yes, Then it’s an amazing moment for every couple to get it confirmed after sensing the early signs of pregnancy. Now-a-days many women are performing the pregnancy tests at their home.

What’s the need to go with the pregnancy test at home? Spending time at the hospitals for hours together to visit a doctor and getting clinical test makes you feel tired and frustrated. In order to avoid these issues and also to save few bucks, here comes a best way to confirm your pregnancy at home.

This homemade pregnancy test is not only quick, easy, safe and cost effective method to confirm your pregnancy but also gives preferences for your privacy which many women prefer.

This test makes use of the accessible item which you use as soon as you got up in the morning. Have you made a guess at it? It is nothing but a TOOTHPASTE that you use regularly which comes in handy. Now we see to the method of doing this pregnancy test, its mode of action, interpretation along with its effectiveness.

What a Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Is?

Toothpaste pregnancy test is the one which can be done at home by mixing up the toothpaste with sample urine after noticing the early signs of pregnancy. This test is done to check out the presence of pregnancy hormone (hCG) in urine that ensures the pregnancy. It is a simple and affordable test to determine one’s pregnancy. After doing this test at home, you can have a visit to the doctor for further treatment.

What is the Mechanism of Action?

The pregnant woman contains hCG, a pregnancy hormone in their urine. When you mix up the toothpaste with the urine sample, hCG in the urine reacts with the chemicals in the toothpaste. You can see a frothy texture over the mixture along with a color change which resembles a slight bluish hue. This indicates a positive result. If these pregnancy hormones are not in adequate quantities, you cannot see any of these reactions. This implies a negative result that you are not pregnant.

How to Rule Out Early Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week?

Some women might experience early pregnancy symptoms. You can sense these symptoms over the first few weeks after inception. Now we are going to discuss the early pregnancy symptoms for the first three weeks in detail.

Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 1

Week one pregnancy symptoms start from day three till seven. You may experience hormone related pregnancy migraine, vaginal bleeding that occurs due to the shedding of the uterus lining. This process takes place by the contraction of the uterus leading to lower back and abdominal pain which can cause discomfort. You might also encounter soreness in the breast, irritability, nausea, fatigue, bloated belly etc.,

Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 2

Certain women might not be able to sense the symptoms by the second week. Changes in the hormonal level bring forth some noticeable signs of pregnancy by 2 weeks which includes spotting, breast tenderness, fatigue, morning sickness, recurrent urination, bloating and pelvic ache.

Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 3

This is the time your pregnancy hormone (hCG) level gets increased in your body. Pregnancy hormone induces nausea throughout the day. You can also notice some changes over your breast leading to soreness and the nipple darkens. Little spotting, bloating and fatigue also be sensed during this period.

I personally suggest you to go with the toothpaste pregnancy test at home after you rule out any of these early pregnancy symptoms predominantly after three weeks to get the positive result.

Some ladies might think of few questions who have come across these symptoms like,  ” Can pregnant women eat shrimp?, Can pregnant women drink wine?” Here comes the answer which clarifies your doubt.

Seafood is categorized under high-mercury seafood and low-mercury seafood and it is not advisable to have high-mercury seafood when pregnant. Shrimp falls under low-mercury seafood. So it’s safe to consume shrimp during pregnancy. But you must limit its intake and it should not exceed 12 ounces per week.

Wine contains 11.6 percent of alcohol. Taking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy might lead to fetal alcohol syndrome. So it is not safe to drink wine while pregnant.

Doctors always prefer with the fresh fruits, veggies, grains, spinach, eggs and red meat to have a healthy living.

How to Carry out Toothpaste Pregnancy Test?

It is an easy method to do this on your own. This test requires less time and minimal supplies. Follow these steps one by one to get an accurate result.

Materials Required

  • Two clean disposable cups
  • Plain toothpaste (White)
  • A clean medicine dropper
  • A clean toothpick or a stir stick
  • A timer


It’s important to collect the morning urine sample to carry out this test as the first-morning urine contains the highest quantity of hCG hormone which is necessary for you to get the positive result.

  • Collect the morning urine in a clean disposable cup as soon as you wake up.
  • Surge a teaspoon full of toothpaste in another cup.
  • Now using a clean medicine dropper, draw few amount of urine.
  • Pour the collected urine sample to the toothpaste which must be equal to the amount of toothpaste in it. 
  • You can stir this mixture containing toothpaste and urine using toothpick.
  • After stirring, set your timer for three minutes.
  • Now, wait for three minutes for the reaction to take place. You should not wait for more than 3 minutes as the urine eventually froths up with the toothpaste.
  • After three minutes, note for the frothy texture and a color change to bluish hue.
  • It is a positive indicator of pregnancy.
  • If you don’t notice any changes in the toothpaste and urine mixture, this implies that you are not pregnant.
  • Always have a follow up with the medical professional for further advice and treatment.

Is it an Effective Test?    

Of course, the toothpaste pregnancy test seems to be the easiest and effective one as the success rate is about 85%. Sometimes it gives you false negative results. This is due to several factors and it also depends on the quality of the materials which is used for this test. If there is any contamination or going with any wrong methodology, gives you false results.

How to Improve the Efficacy of Pregnancy Test Using Toothpaste?

You can improve the efficacy for the pregnancy test by just giving proper importance to the following points.

  • Cleanliness is the most important pace over here.
  • Go with the sterile materials like disposable cups, toothpicks/stir sticks.
  • Ensure the quality of the toothpaste.
  • Prefer plain white paste as the color and flavored toothpaste reacts with the urine sample that interferes with the proper result.
  •  Correct duration is required for the mixture to give out a proper result.
  • Always collect the morning urine.


Seeming, it is the quickest and easiest way to determine your pregnancy but not the best one. Only the blood test is the confirmatory way to interpret your pregnancy as this test might not be accurate at times. So it’s mandatory for every woman to seek the doctor’s advice after conducting this preliminary toothpaste pregnancy test at home.

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