10 Best Parenting Websites you can’t afford to Miss


Parenting has ever been easy. We should be thankful to our friends, family members, and other information sources to guide us through the way, internet being one of these. With latest technology trends and rising awareness about internet, parenting websites have become highly popular. Computer technology has caused complete transformation in various areas of our lives, including parenting.

The dot-com world has become more of a dot-mom world with advent of so many parenting websites. These websites are of great help to new parents as well as those who are expecting a baby.

Top 10 Parenting Websites

Have a look at these top parenting websites. These websites provide reliable information that can guide you through the course of parenting. The list continues from the less popular ones moving towards the most popular ones. Read on.

1.        Connect Safely


This parenting website is worth a mention. It facilitates the parents with a forum that provides a platform to parents and senior children about online safety. If you have an internet connection at your home, this website provides guidance about having safe connections. With the help of this website, you can make sure that nothing gets through the internet portal without a prior consent. A perfect site for parents of teenagers!

2.        Raisingthem


This amazing webpage is more of a social networking source for people in the same boat. You come to know about parents you know and further their acquaintances as well. These online support groups are helpful to deal with different issues in an easy way. There are groups of twins’ parents, single parents, and parents to multiple kids (even four).

3.        Onespace


This website is quite helpful for single parents. It is full of resources that provide learning opportunities to parents. The website also includes courses, such as confident parenting, assertiveness, surviving domestic violence, and work. Additionally, the website also offers 1-2-1 online conferencing and advice on housing, finances, relationships, legal issues, and an online forum to discuss your issues and concerns with other parents. The website is a godsend for struggling single parents!

4.        Tamba


Tamba stands for The Twins and Multiple Births Association. This website provides answers to all the questions of parents blessed with multiple children at a time. These can be twins, triplets, or even more. The website has reams of helpful suggestions coming from other parents and professionals in line. So, don’t worry if you are expecting more than one in line. Be ready for a happy arrival with www.tamba.org.uk

5.        Netmums


At this brilliantly comprehensive website for parenting, you will find every uncovered aspect of parenting facts. It can relate to various aspects like pregnancy, work and childcare, or activities for entertainment. Another attractive feature of this colourful website is the facility to link with innumerable local listings to help you connect with the local community.

6.        Pluggedinparents


The www.pluggedinparents.com is a comprehensive parenting webpage to offer suggestions from experienced paediatric health practitioners, pros and cons of family pet, and reader approved healthy recipes. The website supports the content with reviews from readers. The webpage offers solutions to all issues related to anxiety, including food allergies and language milestones.

7.        Cradle


Cradle.com is a comprehensive source of answers to all queries of expecting or new parents, with an eco-friendly undertone. This webpage keeps you from scrolling onto other parenting web pages floating over the internet. This is the one stop station for every aspect of parenting, whether it is shopping for kids, parent-to-parent advice and discussion, or green living tips.

8.        Babble


The Babble is one of the best parenting websites that helps you deal with simple yet serious concerns of daily life. Timely conversations on these issues with other parents provide various options and solutions to suit your circumstances. The Health and Development Section is something not to be missed on this exciting parental webpage. This section covers controversial topics, like co-sleeping, spanking, and cord-blood banking.

9.        Zookazoo


The zookazoo offers opportunities and ideas for educational ideas for kids. It creates a make-believe world for parents as well as kids. Also, the webpage provides ultimate online security as it features a membership fee. This membership fee is quite nominal. The security pattern of the webpage prevents the occurrence of any inappropriate ads and pop-ups.

10.      Raisingchildren


The Raisingchildren website is believed to top the list of best parenting websites. This comprehensive webpage provides reliable as well as scientifically validated information on parented. This information is supported by credible resources. Other attractive features of this website include facilities and opportunities to connect with a support network on national level, up-to-date research based parenting content for over 800 topics. These topics range from spanning child development to technology and entertainment.

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