Top 10 Black Nail Polishes


A black nail polish makes an essential; part of every girl’s vanity. It provides a feeling of self confidence and being strong enough as a woman. Moreover, with Halloween around the corner, it becomes crucial to add one to your kit as well. Interestingly, this midnight hue contains its own mysteriously magical roots that add an elegant yet confident appeal to your entire look. It is not only iconic and a knick-knack of the youth but also goes well with almost everything. Not only does it add a slick appeal to your work wear but also adds a chic appeal to party ensembles and provide an edge to daily wear outfits.

Best Black Nail Polishes

Black nails

Gone are the days when black nail polish was worn by only emos, Goths, teen witches, and people in rock metal bands. Deciding to go dark with these black nail polishes adds a more glam appeal to your personality. In fact, black nail polish has emerged from the occult realm into the mainstream. Numerous celebs are spotted wearing this high glam shade. Check out the following list of top 10 shades of black and get that go glam look!

The list goes from 10 to 1 in the order of ranking.

  • Zoya Raven Nail Polish

The Zoya Raven Nail Polish possesses an intense black color that is softened by a gleaming satin-silver finish. It provides a classy look. Above all, it is completely safe from harmful chemicals like ethyl tosylamide, lead, and xylene.

  • L’Oreal Color Riche Black Swan Nail Polish

The L’Oreal color rich black swan nail polish is gel based and applies really evenly and smoothly. Also, the applicator is unique and perfect for precise and easy application. This long lasting nail paint gives the opaque effect in single coat.

  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint Blackout

If you are looking for a black matte nail color, the blackout nail polish from the color show range of Maybelline is perfect for you. It is a pure matte with no touch of glossiness. Above all, it lasts for about a week without getting chipped and looks classy as well.

  • Maybelline Coloroma Nail Polish – Black

The Maybelline coloroma blacknail paint is one of the darkest black shades that get along well with all outfits. The plus point is that it dries up really fast and provides a long lasting glossy sheen. Adding further, the chip-resistant formula makes it a must have in your vanity.

  • Lakmé Fast and Fabulous Nail Paint – Night Desire

Night desire belongs to the Fast and Furious range of Lakmé is an extremely dark shade of black nail polish. Just one coat is sufficient to get an opaque appeal of the shade. However, applying two coats would provide a glossier look of the shade.

  • China Glaze Liquid Leather

The China Glaze Liquid Leather is really pretty and the darkest shade of black. It is highly creamy and glossy. It gives an even and smooth finish in

just two coats. Adding further, the glossy and creamy sheen of this nail paint makes it unique and different from other black nail polishes.

  • OPI Black Satin

Black satin nail paint from OPI is metallic blackish grey. As suggested by the name, this nail polish is truly satin and gives a really classy appeal. This shade of black is perfect for those who fear wearing complete black shades on nails because this is a blackish grey shade.

  • The OPI Black Onyx

The OPI black onyx nail paint is highly glossy and jet black in color. If you are in search of a black nail paint shade with some gleam, then this is the perfect choice. Above all, it stays for as long as two weeks without chipping. It is extremely shiny and gives an opaque effect in just two coats.

  • Chanel Black Satin

The Black satin nail polish by Chanel is a pure creamy nail paint that is a must have in every girl’s vanity. It gives an opaque finish in just one quote. Besides giving a glossy and creamy sheen to the nails, it is also long-wearing, chip-resistant, and high shine color that stays for long.

Creative Ways to Wear a Black Nail Polish

Black nail color

Even though black is a classic in itself, there are numerous ways to wear a black nail polish.

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