Ways to make yourself happier in 30 seconds


Happiness always makes you feel good. And, what goes even deeper is the value of habits that make you feel happy. As revealed by research studies presented by psychologists, negativity makes home in our brains thus making them predisposed to pay more attention towards bad things rather than good ones.

This imbalance between the positivity and negativity help you to survive while creating more consciousness about possible problems, stresses, and threats around you. Above all, perceiving only negative things from the environment can make you miss out on opportunities for pleasure, joy, humor, and good relations.

Why do you need to be Happy?

Experiencing and enjoying happy moments in mind helps to obtain long term benefits to the brain. So, happy thoughts along with joyful experiences promote new neural circuits growing inside the brain to provide inner strength including resilience, gratitude, enthusiasm, and happiness.

Well, happiness poses different meanings for different people and it makes you feel good for sure by maintaining better mental, physical, and emotional health.  

How to make yourself Happy in 10 Seconds?

Happiness relates directly to the way you feel. Well, it’s just a passing phase. Happy living doesn’t indicate denial of negative emotions or just pretend to feel joyous every minute. Try on these useful tips to make yourself happy in just thirty seconds.

  • Value little things in life

The primary step towards being happy is to just think about the little things that happened to you in near past or even the present day. Think about the beginning of your day. You were lucky to have breakfast with your loved ones! Just take a few seconds to value the positive reception of sentiments.   

  • Let negative emotions go away

Stop marking your feelings as ‘miserable’, ‘restless’, ‘furious’, and ‘vulnerable’. Doing this can worsen the situation even more. Therefore, one of the most crucial steps towards being happy is to kick off all negative emotions.

  • Deep Breathe

This is probably the best technique to make you happier in seconds and get a better feeling. Just a deep breath can move you to “rest and reestablish” from “fight or flight” emotion. To kick off the negative emotions hitting you, deep breathe for just thirty seconds, one after the other round to boost up your mood.

  • Uncover positivity in negative things

It is a universal fact that everything happens for a good reason. Even the smallest negative situation has a hidden positivity beneath. For instance, you ran late for work this morning to face your boss’s rage. Later through the day, you come to know that there was a serious accident on the office route. Think over, it could have been you as well!

  • Know your life goals and people surrounding you

There are numerous people surrounding you, including your family and friends. Think about upcoming ventures that you have been looking forward to for long. Doing so would help to reinstate the realization of qualities and enhance the joy snippets as well. One good idea is to have a family picture or a photograph of your loved ones handy to cheer you up in moments of despair.

  • Acknowledge yourself at least once a day

This is the most essential step towards making yourself happy. Make it a point to acknowledge you at least once every day. Think about the accomplishments or any decent quality in you. It can be anything like the beginning of a new task or a well ending legit conversation with your partner. Attract your thoughtfulness towards your special qualities to lift up your spirits. 

  • Sit up Straight

Surprisingly, improper sitting postures can cause negativity in your life. As per research studies, sluggish body postures can cause lower levels of self-regard, temperament, and certainty as contrasting to what is achieved with an upright posture. Upright postures help bring about positivity in the form of better levels of confidence, satisfaction, and certainty.

  • Review your Day’s Activities

Recollect the activities of your whole day as soon as you begin to experience the feelings of sadness or grief. Recall the positive things that occurred through the day. Also, imagine about things that could have gotten worse. For instance, you didn’t have to go through a fight situation with someone or you didn’t require dealing with an auto inconvenience.

 Wrapping up, there are many other ways as well that can take you to moments of satisfaction, more specifically during the off chance that you are surrounded by happy people. Love them, hug them, and embrace them to get instant happiness.

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