Tips to Dry your Nail Color Quick and Fast


In this fast moving world of fashion, it is highly important to stay updated with your looks. Nail polish application makes an important part of your appeal. Your way of application can make or break the look. While finely applied and shining nail polish can envy others, chipped nail polish or uneven application can ruin the look. Therefore, it becomes important to dry the nail polish properly and completely. This requires almost 20-25 minutes. Ugh, the most frustrating part for me!

Nail color application

However, many times you fall into a situation where you don’t have sufficient time to dry the nail polish. Even waving or blowing the fingers after application may not always work for you. For quick results, you can try your hands on expensive quick dry nail paint or get a quick seal nail polish pen or a drying solution. But, if you are short on budget and don’t want to invest in such expensive products, you can try any of the following tips to dry the nail polish quick and easy.  

Cold Water Dip

Take some chilled water in a bowl before you begin to apply your nail polish. When you are done with the application, dunk your nails slowly into the water. Keep your fingernails dipped in the water for about 3-4 minutes. Take your hands out from the water and yeah! You’ve done it. It’s completely dry and ready to go!

Oil Coat

To dry the nail polish quickly, use a top coat of oil, such as plain olive oil or cotton seed oil. To apply, take an old empty bottle of nail polish and clean it properly using an acetone nail polish remover. Wash it off and let dry before you fill the oil.

Use Hair Dryer

You need not worry about drying your nail polish if you own a dual temperature hair dryer. You can use your hair dryer on COOL setting to dry your nail polish easy and quick. Be careful, using dryer on HOT setting may further delay the process of drying. However, be careful when using the hair dryer to avoid smudging the nail paint as you hold the device. Make sure to hold the hair dryer at a safe distance from your nails.

Freeze It

Nail polishes stored in refrigerator are found to dry quicker as compared to those stored at room temperature. Put the nail polish in refrigerator for about half an hour before application. Use it immediately as you take it out of the refrigerator. Please note that this technique is applicable only for regular nail paints and not the ones with quick dry option. Another technique that you can use is to put your hands in freezer after application, for a few seconds.

Nail Polish Dryer

You can easily obtain a handy nail polish dryer online. The device is available in different types and at different prices. The expensive ones are, obviously, more efficient than the regular ones. While there are devices that help only with fingernails, others can be used for toenails as well. It depends on which model you have. There are also many high end versions of nail polish dryers that use UV rays to dry out the nail color. You just need to apply the nail polish and then place your hands inside the dryer to dry the nail paint quickly.

You can also invest in a quick dry nail spray that can be applied over the nail polish or even go for expensive quick dry nail polishes.

Additional Tip

Nail color dry tips

To make your nail polish dry quickly, there is a useful and tested tip other than all the above said techniques for the same. Make it a point to apply 2-3 thinner coats of the color rather than applying one thick coat. Also, ensure leaving an interval of at least five minutes amid the coats. Once you are done with the application of color coats, apply a coat of quick dry clear top coat.

Wrapping up, you can either chose to use ready-made devices/products to dry the nail polish quickly or try hands on these simple techniques for the purpose. It is, however, always better to use these simple methods rather than spending huge amounts on ready-made devices.

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