Tips to Clean the Beauty Blender


Makeup and beauty is every girl’s passion. Beauty blenders are making the latest trend in the makeup world. Beauty blender sponges make excellent foundation applicators. I am a huge fan of these beauty blenders for the ease of using and the kind of fun involved while doing a perfect job with blending in everything. Above all, it’s more economical for being reusable.

But, it is extremely important to take good care of these blenders and clean regularly, just like regular makeup brushes, almost after every application or at least once a week. However, the almond shape, which is deemed pretty, it can be a little difficult to remove the leftover makeup product and grime lying deep inside the beauty blender. Above all, you may not even realize the fact that any product resides inside your favorite makeup tool. This blog of mine talks about the easiest way to clean your beauty blender to kick off all the bacteria along leftover products that can lead to unwanted breakouts.

Steps to Clean the Beauty Blender

Cleaning the beauty blender

The initial step to cleanse your beauty blender is to create a DIY makeup cleanser. Well, you need only need a mild shampoo or a gentle dish soap to clean the beauty blender. Caution! Avoid using bleach, bar soap, or any hard cleaning agents. As a matter of fact, facial cleanser is one great option. However, if you are using an expensive one, you may find it a waste. Anyways, in all cases, the basic notion is to rinse it off completely with fresh water to get every small particle out of your blender before it dries out.  

Further steps are:

  1. Wet the sponge slightly. Don’t soak it in water but it should be damp enough to absorb the soap.
  2. Apply a dime-sized amount of your DIY blender cleanser or solution over the areas which are most stained.
  3. Work the soap into the areas, pressing and massaging it well using your fingertips.
  4. Rinse it off with cold water. Squeeze the sponge quickly to remove the stains. Keep doing this till the water runs clear with no soap suds contained. Talking about my experience, using a sudsy soap or dish soap may take good amount of time to clean your blender.
  5. Finally, roll your beauty blender in a clean towel to remove any remaining moisture. Leave it to dry naturally. And you’re done!

Even though it seems relatively simple to clean a beauty blender, it involves intensive labor. You can make you blender look as good as new with little amount of gentle soap, some water and lots of patience. Well, there are certain things not to do when it comes to cleaning the makeup blender.

Knowing these things is important as you might think that you have cleaned it well, but deep-inside some leftover product is skulking to cause infections and acne breakdown. Here is a list of the most important things NOT TO DO when it comes to cleaning the beauty blender.

  • Remember, Soaking is the Key

Honestly speaking, it is not practically feasible to wash the beauty blender literally every day. And prolonged intervals amid cleaning the sponge can make the stain removing process even tedious. Therefore, do not forget to soak the beauty blender in a soapy solution at least half an hour before you rinse it out. Doing this would remove all the products that may possibly occur on your favorite makeup tool.

  • The Sooner the Better
Regular cleaning of sponge

It is highly recommended to not wait long enough before washing off the blender. It is imperative to clean the blender after every use. Regular cleaning is beneficial in two ways. One, it prevents bacteria build-up deep inside the sponge. Second, regular cleaning involves less effort because of lesser stains. The longer the stain stays on the sponge, the harder it gets to remove it. So girls, make it a habit to clean the blender after every use to minimize the efforts of cleaning.  

  • Rinse off Well

Even though this is time consuming, it is extremely important to rinse the sponge well and leave no soap inside the sponge or beauty blender. Any soap residue can cause skin infections like acne or rashes.

  • Let Dry in Open Air

It is completely non-recommendable to seal a wet or damp sponge. It is always wise to leave the beauty blender in open air to dry on its own. This would help to prevent the formation of bacteria inside the sponge.

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