New Year Resolutions for the Home


New Year is the time to make new beginnings. With a fresh calendar over the wall with all the empty boxes still to be filled with the to-do list, the beginning of New Year marks the beginning of an optimistic time with new hopes and commitments. These commitments and resolutions can relate to anything from your work habits to your personal traits and behavior. Many people make New Year resolutions relating to their home. If you are thinking to make such resolutions, here are a few suggestions to make your decision easier.

  • Work out a weekly cleaning system

Although you clean your house daily, it is important to create a proper place for everything to make things easily manageable. Work out some tricks that help you make it fast and effortless. For example, get a portable carryall to carry all sorts of cleaners, including spare cleaning clothes and rubber gloves, from one room to another.

  • Clean Room by Room

New Year makes the perfect time to deep clean your home. This is mostly because the year begins with the cleaning process. You got to clean up the whole pile of wrapping paper, do away with the tree, clean up the after party stuff. And, just because you got to do all of this already, it gets easier to move room by room, while scrubbing, vacuuming, rinsing, and repeating until the home looks like a brand new one again.

  • Donate Whatever Possible
Contributions during winter

Once you are done with the process of cleaning, make two piles and label them – one for those that can be donated and the second one for those that need to be thrown out. There is no need to highlight the importance of donating things, particularly during the winter months when the needy can make the most of your contributions. Therefore, when in process of purging and cleaning, just take a moment to reconsider throwing out any old stuff, like worn blankets or a coat that has been used slightly.

  • Cut off on your bills

When we talk about going green, it is not necessarily about a hybrid car or solar panels to make the difference. It includes starting from little things like cutting down the energy usage at home. For example, doing simple things like switching off the extra lights (when you are not in the room), waiting for the washing machine or dishwasher to be full before being run can help save the electricity bills and energy as well.

  • Streamline the Stuff

This is probably the most required New Year resolution to create the feel good factor. It is not only the best but also the least expensive ways to make your home look better this New Year. Each one of us has a whole mountain of stuff that can make the drawers jam packed if not purged regularly. Moreover, it gets difficult to find things when needed. So, make it a New Year resolution to streamline things regularly to avoid clutter that makes your house look dirty and dated.

  • Make it more Entertaining

Make it a point to create an update the entertain areas a little using creative interior design ideas. This would make you feel more like inviting friends more frequently. Alternatively, you can also invest in remodeling your kitchen by rearranging a few things and get a fresh look. Add on some plants to welcome new energy and some clean air. This is also a great idea to decorate your home without spending much. Also, you can think on rearranging the furniture for a changed appearance.

  • Decorate with Fresh Flowers
Flower decorations

Even though this is a small thing, it is surprising to know the impact of fresh flowers on every single room of your home. As contrasting some other options, flowers contribute to one of the least expensive makeovers you can bring to your home. However, finding the apt heights, colors, and arrangements can complement any type of décor in rooms. Above all, the right plants provide amazing benefits, from cleaning the air to facilitating aromatherapy at home thus uplifting your mood and relaxing the mind.

Besides all the above mentioned New Year resolution ideas of new interior design for your home, it is extremely important to take a resolution to spend some quality time with your family daily. Family is what supports you through the ups and downs of your life. Make sure to meet your friends more frequently. This would help you create a new yourself in the New Year. Invite them and visit them more frequently. When you are happy on inside, you will automatically find your home more beautiful even without making any changes.

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