Must Have Apps for your Teenage Girl


A smart phone without apps is nothing more than just a calling machine! There is an assortment of apps that not only work to entertain us during periods of boredom but also help to keep our lives well organized. If you, as a teenager, are in search of apps that may help to expand your knowledge or just be fun to play with, check out the following list. Here is a list of some chosen apps that any teenage girl must have in her smart phone.

Duolingo – Learn Languages Free

Teenage is also considered as the age to learn new things. If your teenager girl is interested in learning new languages, the Duolingo app is simply perfect for the purpose. It helps to improve communication skills as well in any language. The main tutorials available on this app include ones on French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Irish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Welsh, Hebrew, Greek, Polish, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Norwegian, and English language. You can easily practice reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills while doing any other work as well.

Flo Period Tracker

This is a really easy to use app and a must have for teenage girls. It helps you track your period. Another benefit of this app is that it helps you keep a watch on your daily weight and health issues by feeding data on daily basis. Furthermore, it also tracks the number of steps you take daily. Adding further, you can use calendar, schedule cycle, as well as record your moods and PMs Symptoms. This amazing app is also useful to manage lifestyle including things like daily water consumption, sleep duration, and physical activity. Putting it simple, the Flo Period Tracker takes complete control of your health thus helping you lead a healthy life.

Wattpad Free Books

Wattpad is a great app for teenage girls fond of reading and writing. It is basically a global community for readers and potential writers. You can easily find stories to interest you, such as mystery, comedy, romance, fiction, science, or anything of your choice. It also makes a great platform to share your own story to the world and be a listener for their stories. The app also allows you to create a fresh draft, add a cover, or even ad a new chapter to an already existing story.

Optimize your Time with TimeTune App

It may sometimes get really boring to work according to the timetable. But, as a matter of fact, it improves your functionality thus increasing the productivity as well. Working with time management also improves your daily routine thus helping you do many more things in available time. With this excellent app, you can carry out numerous tasks in a single day. The TimeTune app works on time management skills based on your everyday routines. It is, therefore, a highly useful app for anyone who has value for time, especially teenagers.

Adding further, the app provides full customization for every notification autonomously, such as sound, vibrations, popup window, personal message, and even voice.

Tik Tok

Every teenage girl loves to have fun, except some who are the serious types. If you are one of those girls who love to have fun or want to try your luck in acting, the TikTok app is just the right platform for you. is one of the largest creative platforms around the world and is highly popular among teenagers. You can create a video of your own on any popular songs or dialogue and upload here. The app provides you millions of followers in just no time. The main categories of this app include comedy, music, talent, vlog, fashion & beauty, and animals.

redEye Safety App

redEye is a safety app for women that every woman or girl should have in her mobile. These days, the most up-to-date smart phone contains this app as inbuilt. However, if your smart-phone doesn’t contain this app, you can easily download it. The app sends an alert message to your near and dear ones in case of danger. It is always watching you. You don’t need to do anything when in danger and inform your family. In addition, it also provides you the facility to trigger SOS using current location details with manifold power button click.

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