How to Make Snow Day a Fun Day


Close approaching winters symbolize snow and all the related fun and excitement to play in snow. Snowfall is obvious to occur, whether you love it or not. Even though people of older age find it difficult to step out in the snow, young boys and teenagers consider snow day as a fun day.

Here is a list of all the fun activities that can turn a seemingly dull and boring snow day into a fun day.

Attract Birds

Take a string and put in some cranberries, popcorns, and cereal to make a beautiful garland that would attract and feed your little feathered friends.

Hoop it up!

Kids find hula hoops highly enjoyable and a fun thing to play with. Take some hula hoops and perform a test to check who makes it till the end. The fun part is that it is hard to make the hoop last longer with your body bundled up in clothes.

Ice Maker

When the temperature drops on a snowy day, blow some bubbles with the kids and enjoy watching them freeze on the wand.

Frosty Toss

This is another activity that can make a boring snow day into a fun day. Conduct a snowball throwing challenge. You can make a bright circle amid the snow with some colored water in a spurt bottle to make the target.

Swing Away                                                                              

You can create a fake golf course of your own. Do this by packing down a section of snow at short distances. Create holes by burying empty tin cans halfway beneath the snow. You can mark these cans with mini flagsticks.

Scavenger Hunt

Yet another fun activity to enjoy with kids in the snow is planning a scavenger hunt. You can hide something in a mound of snow with a small portion peeking out. Now, guide the kids with inane directions to follow and search for the hidden items.

Snowball Fight

Make two groups among the family members and just start throwing. T However, it is recommended to save this activity as the last one so that you get sufficient time to dry yourselves out.

Play Freeze Tag

This is probably the one of the best activities to conduct during a snow day and make it a fun day completely. Once someone s led by the person who’s ‘IT”, he/she has to stay frozen till another player tags him/her again.

Pin the Smile

Handover some cookies to the kids. Now, blindfold every individual child and ask him to try getting the mouth, eyes, and buttons right in place. This is a great activity to do with kids on a snow day.

Fort Building

Build your own fort in the snow. You can use loaf pans, cut-up empty milk cartons, and sand buckets to create a beautiful and cool snow castle.


It is not necessary to use beach toys for sand only. You can ask the kids to sit in the inner tubes and race towards the finish line using their feet.

Cold Molds

Grab some pans from your kitchen. Use these pans to create crystal fairy castles. You can also have some cookies and cakes as a cold weather buffet with the kids.

Sugar Daddy

Create a snowman with kids. Give a candy in his hand, coated with makeovers like licorice, lollipops, and gummies.

Ice and Easy

Make some ice cubes using tinted water colored with food coloring. You can hide these colored cubes all around the yard to have fun while doing some wintertime scavenger hunt.

Snow Graffiti

Give some spray bottles containing colored water to your kids. Make sure that edible colors are used. It is good if you keep one handy for you as well. Use this tinted water to decorate the white canvas in your backyard.

Make Funny Faces

This one is my personal favorite! Kids really enjoy making funny faces out of snow. You can use handfuls of packed snow to craft funny characters on the trunk of a tree.

Decorate a Chalet

Decorating a chalet helps you create some unforgettable memories wit kids. You can decorate your kids’ playhouse using some pinwheels, laminated paper snowflakes, as well as a wreath dotted with plastic ponytail holders.


This snow activity keeps the kids busy in the form of a mini championship in a classic game. Ask the kids to use crisscrossed sticks and pinecones in the form of game pieces.

Walk the Way

Ask your kids to follow your lead when imitating different animals’ walk. The kids are surely going to enjoy stomping like a bear, wiggle like a fish, or waddle like a penguin.

Cool Critters

Make medium sized snowballs and form some attractive critters on t snow. You can decorate these animals with materials from nature. The best activity to enjoy with kids in the snow!

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