How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are although small and tiny creatures but can ruin the complete atmosphere around you. These small creatures can be a cause for many dangerous and fatal diseases like dengue, malaria, yellow fever, and chikunguniya. Well, the market provides numerous mosquito repellents. However, these are loaded with chemicals that can harm the environment.

Remedies to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be a huge menace to humanity for the various vector-borne diseases. Since chemical laden mosquito repellents can cause some allergic reactions and be really harmful. Here are some natural and simple ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

  • Eucalyptus and Lemon Oil

The mixture of lemon and eucalyptus oil is a highly effective way to repel mosquitoes naturally. The most amazing part about this mixture is that it is completely natural and doesn’t have any kind of side effects like chemical mosquito repellents available in the market.

  • Tulsi

Tulsi is highly effective in killing mosquito larvae. It helps to keep the mosquitoes away. As disclaimed by Ayurveda, planting a tulsi shrub at the entrance of your house or near a window will keep the mosquitoes from entering your house. 

  • Neem Oil

Neem oil is one of the most effective ways to keep the mosquitoes away. It works as a great mosquito repellent for indoors. Use Neem oil in combination with equal quantities of coconut oil to get rid of mosquitoes. Being an excellent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-protozoal, and antiviral agent, Neem provides a specific smell that pushes the mosquitoes away from you. You can also rub the Neem and coconut oil mixture on the skin to prevent mosquito bites.

  • Lavender

Lavender is known for its amazingly divine smell. Well, as a matter of fact, it also contains amazing properties to keep the mosquitoes away from your place. The fragrance of this flower is usually very strong for mosquitoes and thus prevents mosquito bites. You can use this remedy by using lavender oil as a natural room freshener. Besides, you can also apply it on the skin for even better results.

  • Mint

If the fragrance of mint provides a relaxed feeling to you, then this is the remedy for you. It has been proved through research and studies that mint extract works as an excellent indoor mosquito repellent. You can use mint leaves and extract in numerous ways. For example, use it as a vaporizer to spread the fragrance of mint around the room. Alternatively, you can also use mint oil to apply over the skin or plant a shrub at the entrance. Another option is to mix a small quantity of mint flavored mouthwash with some water and spray it around the house to get rid of mosquitoes.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most effective insect repellents. It contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that work wonders to fight off the mosquitoes. Moreover, the strong smell of tea tree oil keeps the mosquitoes away. Just mix a few drops of tea tree oil with equal amount of water. Apply this mixture over your face and other exposed body parts to keep the mosquitoes away.

  • Holy Basil

The leaves of holy basil are known for their potential to kill mosquito larvae. So, just plant holy basil to check the growth of mosquitoes around your place. In addition, you can also use a holy basil spray to repel mosquitoes.

Useful Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Although the above mentioned home remedies are an effective way to get rid of mosquitoes, it is always better to prevent the very existence of these pesky insects. These would require you to take some small precautions to keep the mosquitoes and the related diseases at bay. For instance,

  • First and foremost, do not allow any water to stand around your place. Stagnant water invites mosquitoes very fast. This is the place where mosquitoes breed and multiply.
  • Try to keep all windows and doors closed to keep the mosquitoes form entering the house. You can also use wire mash on windows and doors.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted by lights. Therefore, try to go for mosquito repellent lights, like yellow bug lights, sodium lamps, or LED lights in the house.
  • Before going to bed, remember to hang a mosquito net. This is because all the mosquito repellent creams or coils are effective for just a few hours. The effect reduces with passing time. Therefore, using a mosquito net at night will help prevent mosquito bites.
  • Most importantly, whenever you see mosquitoes flying around you, immediately kill them. This is one of the best ways to keep the environment mosquito free.

After all, “Precaution is always better than Cure”!

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