Alternative Anti-aging Therapies


Aging is a natural phenomenon. It becomes evident very quickly on skin through the initial obvious marks of time frame. Healthy and functional skin barrier is important to protect against allergens, dehydration, irritants, radiation, and various other microorganisms that can be a cause of aging. It is important to stop degradation of skin to fight the aging process by preserving the collagen and elastin thus preventing wrinkle formation. Besides, daily skin care is highly effective in preventing pre-mature aging by increasing skin elasticity, smoothness and regeneration.

Alternative Therapies for Anti-aging

Today, markets are full of cosmetics and beauty products that aim at showing you younger than your age. However, it is not always necessary for these anti-aging products to deliver 100% results. There are many other natural ways to reverse/slow the process of aging. Check out the following therapies that are quite helpful to deal with the process of aging.

1.Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy

Crystals are known to contain amazing healing properties for ages. Besides, these are also known for their energetic and aesthetic power since ancient times. These days, many beauty and anti-aging products boast of amazing power of crystals and minerals in them. However, crystal therapy is far better than using chemical loaded products that boast of powers of special crystals.

2.Meditation for Anti-aging

According to experts, meditating for about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening for about a month can provide amazing anti-aging benefits. It works by relieving stress and releasing the melatonin hormone that has the power to slow the process of aging as well as strengthening the immune system. Moreover, this hormone repairs the damaged cells that can be a cause for skin aging.

 3.Reiki as an Anti-aging Therapy

Aging is an inbuilt phenomenon that occurs naturally. However, many of you might experience premature aging due to any disease or some type of dysfunction. The anti-aging products provide only temporary results while the natural therapies can work best.

Besides these promising anti-aging products in market, there are also natural ways to fight the aging process, Reiki being one of them. This therapy treats you harmlessly and most naturally. It works by reducing stress and relaxing the mind thus promoting inner healing. Anything that makes you healthier or happier can help you stay and look younger for longer. 

4.Visualization to fight aging process

Visualization is a part of meditation for anti-aging. This anti-aging exercise makes you focus on a particular thing or place and allowing your mind wander there. For instance, focus on a swimming pool and imagine the feel of water along with the smell of chlorine. Visualization is a form of meditation that boosts the immune system while improving the body’s healing abilities.

5.Anti-aging detox

Detox for anti-aging doesn’t have to be only through expensive creams or ointments. Food can be the simplest and the best anti-aging detox. However, make sure to do it with some good foods that are loaded with vitamins and antioxidant nutrients. Healthy food aids easier absorption of nutrients by the body thus expelling the toxins from the body to give a fresher and younger looking skin. Consult a dietician to get the list of best detox foods.


Natural way to treat aging

Anti-aging hypnosis is another natural way to slow the process of aging. This therapy is an effective process that changes the behavior resulting from different perceptions of getting aged. As a part of this process, the brain is lulled to a specific frequency so as to get access to your subconscious that is the storehouse for the various beliefs and perceptions.

Unlike the all promising anti-aging creams and products, the hypnosis therapy for anti-aging provides enduring results on your skin by sending positive subliminal messages to develop more positive thoughts about your age. These messages can change the embedded attitudes so that you can start to think young, in spite of adding numbers.

Besides these therapies and various anti-aging solutions, it is also important to follow an effective skin care regime to look younger and fresh as ever. Another effective approach is to prevent formation of wrinkles by reducing inflammation through topical or systematic antioxidants in combination with retinoid and sunscreens. Also, try to mitigate the level of stress and stay relaxed for a younger looking skin.

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