Top Pregnancy Fears


Entering motherhood marks a turning point in the life of every woman. It is considered as an essential of womanhood. If you have also stepped on the journey to motherhood, it is completely obvious to be anxious about different issues that may arise during various stages of pregnancy.

Here is a list of topmost concerns that may fear you during pregnancy.

Reach the Hospital in Time

During pregnancy, it is quite obvious to feel concerned about reaching the hospital well in time. To combat this anxiety, know it that the gap between labor initiation and delivery is anywhere around twelve to twenty one hours. This is plenty enough to make it to the hospital!

Risk of Miscarriage

Nearly 25% of pregnant women fear the risk of miscarriage, more commonly if it is their first pregnancy. To describe a miscarriage, the body flushes out an improperly grown fetus. A miscarriage can, however, not be avoided for any natural reasons. Well, there is also no reason to behave pessimistic and worry about a miscarriage that may never occur! After all, about 75% pregnant women also deliver a healthy baby without any risks.

Suffocation of the Umbilical Cord

Another concern of anxiety that may fear you during pregnancy is that of suffocation in the umbilical cord. This situation can arise if the umbilical cord gets stuck around the neck of the baby inside the womb. Even though complications relating to umbilical cord can take a serious form, prompt and ambiguous treatment by your practitioner can help to avoid serious consequences easily.

Co-relating Morning Sickness and Baby Starvation

Pregnant women

Morning sickness is very common during the initial pregnancy days. For many women, it may also occur during the later stages of pregnancy. Morning sickness can make eating a big challenge thus making you feel more anxious about proper nutrition reaching the baby. Well, to add to your information, the baby needs very little food during the initial stages of pregnancy for complete growth. The fetus feeds off the stores of vitamins and obtains all essential nutrients for preper growth and development.

Painful Labor

Throughout your journey of pregnancy to motherhood, you keep busy with all those prenatal visits, check-ups as well as support networks. Your busy schedule also includes special preparations to welcome the baby in a unique way. All this keeps your mind off the thought of labor or contractions. But, as the delivery time approaches, jitters about labor or uterine contractions are quite common, especially if it is your first delivery. Therefore, one good idea is to get some useful tips from family and friends who have experienced child birth. This would help you come up with an effective birth plan.

Emergency C-Section

Labor or contractions make an integral part of pregnancy and child birth. Even though c-section has gained high popularity with emerging technologies and has also become a very common practice in child birth, it is not necessary for you to undergo a C-section. But, nothing to fear if you end up recommended one. Recently, C-section is counted upon as the safest and one of the best ways of delivery in case of any complicated pregnancy.

Premature Birth

Yet another common fear among pregnant women is the fear of premature delivery. It is quite a intimidating thought to see your little one breathing in an incubator and suffer the complications involved. To prevent this, try and maintain a healthy weight. Take proper rest and NO STRESS! Stress and anxiety make major reasons for premature delivery.

Gestational Diabetes

When you are pregnant, your body’s resistance to insulin increases. This is to provide sufficient glucose to the fetus for proper growth and development. However, gestational diabetes is not everlasting. It goes away as soon as you deliver the baby. But, according to research studies conducted by experts, gestational diabetes can make a cause for diabetes in future life. Other risks associated with gestational diabetes include preeclampsia, premature birth, or even the need for a C-section. So, make sure you mainatain healthy blood sugar levels by eating healthy food and keeping away from any sort of junk food. Get the blood glucose level checked between week 24 and 28 of pregnancy.

Risk of Birth Defects

Baby without birth defect

Birth defects can occur when the baby is still in the womb, specifically during the first trimester or initial stages of pregnancy. The underlying reasons can be malformation of body organs or lack of nutrition. Other causes may include factors like genetic disorders or conceiving in late thirties. But, if you also fear anything of that sort, you can always keep away from such disorders by keeping away from smoking and alcohol consumption. Make it a point to maintain healthy weight and proper blood sugar levels.

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