How does Dalia Aid in Weight Loss


Bulgur, known as Dalia in India, is non-refined wheat. It is non-refined wheat and considered very nutritious for containing all the nutrients contained in whole wheat. It is made using whole wheat kernels and thus contains high content of fibre as well as wheat germ and the outer bran. This is the reason that Dalia is included in healthy diets, designed specifically for weight loss programmes. This healthy food is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, and phosphorous.

Dalia – Health Benefits

The key health benefits of Dalia include:

  • Healthy Metabolism

It has been proved through researches that Dalia, being a non-refined dietary fibre, provides effective results in improving metabolism thus maintain a healthy digestive system.

  • Controls Diabetes

Dalia helps in maintaining healthy levels of Type 2 diabetes because of the magnesium content. Magnesium, as an essential mineral, contains more than 300 enzymes, specifically the ones contributing to secretion of insulin as well release of glucose in the blood thus helping with type 2 diabetes.

  • Healthy Cardiovascular system

Including Dalia as a compulsory main course meal once a day reduces the risk of health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and thus the cardiovascular diseases. 

  • Avoids Breast Cancer

This whole grain dietary fibre provides remarkable protection from breast cancer. For women in pre-menopausal stage can benefit largely by including sufficient fibre in the diet can avoid the risk of getting hot by serious health ailments like breast cancer. This makes Dalia an effective fighter against the disease.

Dalia for Weight Loss Program

Dalia is considered to contain high nutritional value for carrying high contents of vitamins, minerals and fibre. It has been proved by studies that unrefined Dalia works better than the refined counterpart for the weight loss regime. The factors that influence Dalia’s weight loss properties include:

  • High fibre content

A diet with high fibre content aids weight loss a great deal. Fibre works effectively in improving digestion thus ensuring optimal functioning of the body systems and good health as well. Adding further to the point, the fibre content of food doesn’t get converted into sugar. For that reason, including Dalia in the weight loss regime helps a lot.

  • Low calorie

A single serving of Dalia as a meal for weight loss contains very low calorie count. This implies adding lesser calories to your daily intake. In addition, the fibre and nutritional benefits provided imply adding on to numerous benefits to aid weight loss as well as keeping you healthy.

  • Slow processing

It is a common misbelieve that quick processing foods provide higher benefits for weight loss programs. However, the situation is completely converse. Foods that get processed faster are likely to make you hungry at an equally faster pace. More to the point, the fast processing foods tend to store higher sugar content in the body. This is where this high fibre food, Dalia, plays its role. It gets absorbed slowly by the body thus balancing the sugar level in the blood

  • Lower glycemic index

The glycemic index is a measure used to know the content of sugar that gets converted and absorbed by the blood. A higher index indicates higher sugar level. Therefore, for those aiming at weight loss, foods with low glycemic index, like Dalia, are the best option. This is for the reason that it is absorbed slowly by the body thus keeping a balance of the blood sugar in the body.

  • Keeps you full

As discussed above, qualities like slow absorption and high fibre content, Dalia leaves you full amiably, as contrasted to other meals like bread or the very popular rice-based foods that make you hungry at a faster pace. Also, you will require lesser quantity in a portion for being fuller thus doing away with the intervallic hunger pangs.

  • High Protein content
    Being an excellent source protein, Dalia benefits weight loss programs by providing essential protein count required by the body. Moreover, it is free from the fat content, as contained in meats. Therefore, Dalia is a fat-free as well as safe protein source that can be included in weight loss diet regime for effective results.

Hope you had an enjoyable reading. Have a healthy weight loss!

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