Get Flat Abs Easily Without Hitting a Gym


Achieving the perfect curves at perfect place with a flat belly is almost every female’s dream, whether you are a homemaker, a mother, a working woman, or a nerdy teen. But, many a time, even naturally slim people have a tendency to develop a pot belly by the time they touch 30s.

But, when tight schedules overtake your exercising schedules, you find it nearly impossible to live that dream. Even though a balanced diet can help you achieve that desired body to envy others, exercise plays an equally important role. But, many a time, these highly indulging exercise schedules are being followed in an incorrect manner with an unclear idea of what is actually required to achieve flat abs.

But, don’t worry if you are short of time on hitting the gym. Here are some highly effective exercises to help you achieve that envious body with flat abs and just perfect curves.

  • Chair Leg Lifts

This is an easy to do exercise that can be done using any chair at your home. You just need to sit straight with the back rested flat against the chair and hands positioned on the chair seat. Now, slowly lift your knees to reach your chest and return to original position. Make it a point to breathe slowly when exercising. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

  •  Hip Lifts
Hip Raise exercise

Lie down flat on the floor with arms kept by the sides. Position the palms to face downwards with legs over the hips, at an angle of 90 degrees. Keep your feet flexed. Now, lift your hips off the floor with the help of core muscles while simultaneously making your legs reach towards the ceiling. Resume you initial position. Repeat this work out 15 times to achieve a flat belly.

  •  Front Bridge Exercise

This is another effective exercise that can be done easily at home to kick off the pot belly. In addition, it also works to strengthen the core muscles and is very good for back. Without locking the knees, suck your belly button to maximum while keeping your body straight. Continue to breathe. It is important that you don’t hold your breath when exercising. Hold the position as long as you can. Rest and repeat the exercise at least four times. Extend the holding time of the position gradually.  

  • Crunch and Twist

This workout works the oblique. Begin with the same position as the crunches. But, this time, lift yourself slowly and twist your body from the waist instead of back and shoulders. Try to touch the left knee with right elbow, untwist and get back to the starting position. The second time, do the opposite side and try to touch the right knee with left elbow. Repeat on every side for 10-15 times.  

  • Side Plank

Lay down on your right side and keep your legs extended with hips and feet resting on the floor. Position your right elbow under your shoulder. Now, contract the core muscles while simultaneously lifting the knees and hips above to floor. Hold the position for as long as possible. Return to the starting position. Now, repeat the exercise with other side in the same manner.

  • Pike and Extend

Lie down flat on the floor keeping your legs extended over the hips. Now, crunch up in a manner to make your hands touch your feet. Then, bring your arms back overhead. Simultaneously, lower the left leg towards the floor. Now, crunch up again to make the hands reach both the toes. Remember that this time, when bringing the arms overhead you should lower the right leg towards the floor. Do at least twenty reps of this exercise, alternate sides, to achieve the flat belly.

  • Sit Ups/Crunches
Crunch Twists

This abs’ exercise works on cutting down the upper abdomen very effectively. Lay down straight on the floor, holding your hands by your ears. To prevent strain on the neck, avoid putting them behind the head. Now, bend your knees with feet kept fixed on the floor. Lift your shoulders along with the upper back and away from the floor. Remember to keep your face pointing towards the ceiling. As you rise, exhale while trying to lift to the maximum. Hold the position for two seconds and resume the initial position while simultaneously inhaling continuously. Do ten reps of this exercise.

Along with these exercises, it is also important to follow patterned full body exercises, such as skipping and running, to burn energy at a higher heart rate. Also watch your water intake through the day. Most importantly, it is possible to cut off belly fat only if you take sufficient sleep along with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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