Easy Yoga Poses for Kids


The ancient art of yoga is popular amazing benefits for body and mind. This is not applicable only for adults but for kids as well. In fact, yoga is highly useful and beneficial for kids to improve the neuromuscular development. Moreover, yoga is also helpful in improving body awareness and provides essential stretching benefits. Besides, making kids indulge in yoga helps them maintain flexibility in body while simultaneously improving concentration and strengthen the growing body. Above all, it promotes a relaxed state of mind.

Gone are the days when it was believed that kids should not do yoga due to soft and tender bones. Well, it is a surprising fact that kids’ body is naturally flexible and inquisitive. They are always up to doing what their parents are doing. Moreover, they simply love to enjoy the fun with animal named asanas (yoga poses).  

So, it’s high time you unroll a mat for your little champ and let him indulge in yoga and enjoy this peace giving act.

You can ask him/her to try hands on following easy to do yoga poses for kids. Once they get comfortable with these, you can always make them move a step ahead.

Child’s Pose

Types of yoga for kids

This is probably the easiest of various yoga poses to explain to your kids. You can introduce this pose to the kids as ‘created by kids’. You can tell them that this pose has been created only for their age group. After a lengthy day that is occupied completely with numerous activities and studies to make your child feel exhausted, the ‘child’s pose’ is something that is perfect to relax your child’s shoulders, neck, and spine. Adding further, this pose provides good stretching to body parts including thighs, knees, hips, lower back, and ankles. Above all, it calms and relaxes the mind to alleviate stress and tension.

Tree Pose  

Balance, breathe, and reach the sky is the purpose of this yoga asana. Let your child stand firm like a tree and create similar balance and strength in his/her life. Children simply love this pose. This pose provides great benefits on kids’ body and mind. It strengthens the nervous system while simultaneously strengthening the core, posture, thighs, calves, and foot muscles. Adding further to the benefits, this yoga asana is highly beneficial to enhance the concentration of children.

Bow Pose

Your little champ is surely going to enjoy this simple and easy yoga asana. The key benefit of this simple yoga asana is complete stretching to the entire front body including ankles, thighs, and groin. Furthermore, the bow pose also provides healthy development and expansion of chest and shoulders, loosens the gluteus and provides gentle stretching to the muscles.

Happy Baby

This is the easiest and the simplest yoga asana that provides grounding benefits along with numerous other benefits to the body. To perform this yoga asana, gently stretch the muscles on the inner groin, opening up the hips, and stretching the spine gently. The happy baby yoga asana helps to calm the brain and relieve stress by stretching the arms and shoulders.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Kids love animals and find it really funny to imitate them as well. Besides being easy and real fun, it provides amazing health benefits for almost anyone in the family. There are chances that your child may not bother about the benefits of this yoga asana but they will definitely enjoy performing this. It is a simple inversion that works to calm and relax the nervous system by relieving mental and physical stress. In addition, it also eases feelings like fatigue, headaches, backache, and insomnia.

Cow/Cat Pose

Yoga for children

This is another animal pose that can help your child’s body get more flexible. It is not only fun and easy to do but also increases the flexibility of the vertebrae by releasing pressure from the spine. This yoga asana also provides strength to back and abdominal muscles. The cow/cat pose is also good to provide strength to muscles of the arms.

Warrior I and II

This yoga asana has three versions in total. But, version I and II are most common and the easily practiced for kids. The key benefits of performing these poses include strengthening of shoulders, legs, arms, and back muscles.

Entering parenthood doesn’t imply giving up on your daily activities important for your health. Instead, take it positively! You have now your mini version to share the fun and benefits with.

Happy Exercise!

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