Bulletproof Diet – The Latest Technique to Weight Reduction


Planning to try on bulletproof diet? Not aware about the basic and essential facts?

Bulletproof diet is the latest approach towards weight loss, based on the notion of watching the quality of and not the quantity of what you eat. This diet is an amazing way to lose weight while staying healthy and filled with energy. A bulletproof diet provides satisfactory results with honest efforts.

What is Bulletproof Diet?

The bulletproof diet is the most recent buzz among persistent dieters and health aficionados. It is basically a meal plan that flips the common notion of weight gain due to high fat intake. It encourages weight loss while ensuring that a major percentage of daily calories come from fat.

Bulletproof diet food

Explaining further, the bulletproof diet can be referred as an anti-inflammatory eating schedule with key focus on food quality rather than quantity. Counting calories to lose weight is a rarely working technique for many people and causes an increase in the appetite through increased counterproductive cravings, especially when adopted for longer time period. The general foods recommended in this diet plan include healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocadoes, and MCT oil. It restricts the consumption of carbohydrates while allowing only high quality grass-fed meats.

Basic Essentials of Bulletproof Diet

Bulletproof diet helps to achieve healthy weight loss while keeping up the energy levels. The basic notions of a bulletproof diet are listed below:

  • Skip carbohydrates at Breakfast

The chief emphasis of bulletproof diet is to avoid carbohydrates in breakfast. Replace these carbohydrates with bulletproof coffee. This would provide energy without crash. Moreover, it also keeps your body in fat-burning mode throughout the day. If you don’t have a taste for coffee, you can try on high fat and protein breakfast meal. This would keep you satiated and also avoid cravings during the day.

  • Follow intense interval training

Surprisingly, the buzz about workouts has taken an altered shape. It has been observed that lesser workout done at higher intensity not only helps to burn more fat but also helps building muscles in a better way. Moreover, short and intense workouts impose lesser stress on adrenals than long cardio workouts.

  • Follow bulletproof diet for two weeks

Before making it a long term diet regime, it is advised to follow the bulletproof diet for two weeks. Observe your body’s reactions to the diet during this period. These hacks help to improve your energy levels every day. Moreover, you also experience better night’s sleep as well.

  • Discover your food sensitivities

Every individual’s body functions in a unique manner. Similarly, their reactions to different food items are also unique. Therefore, it becomes important to experiment with various food groups to check the body’s tolerance towards these food items. This also helps you to find out the foods that should be eliminated permanently from your diet. For example, many individuals’ body reacts well with butter and coffee and gives best results without gluten, sugar, and dairy foods.

  • Include lots of fat in your diet
Coconut to get right fat

Bulletproof diet emphasizes on eating lots and lots of right fats. These include fats obtained from coconut, avocado, grass-fed butter, grass-fed animals, and MCT oil. This would help the body to learn to enter ketosis and burn more of fats.

Common Mistakes on the Bulletproof Diet and Tips to Resolve

Although bulletproof diet has 100% success rate, many people complain of not achieving the desired results or the slow results. Bulletproof diet shows amazing results for weight loss. However, there is always a room for errors. One of the most common mistakes is force-feeding, done by many followers of the bulletproof diet. To mention again, the bulletproof diet emphasizes on food quality and not quantity. Therefore, it is a waste of effort and time to count the calorie intake. You just need to eat the correct food and your energy levels will adjust automatically. However, this doesn’t imply that you should eat half a cow for every meal or drink down shots of coconut oil. Eating excessively can still make you fat, specifically if you eat low quality foods. Results can also drop if the percentage of fat intake goes excessively down.


If this is the reason for undesired results on your bulletproof diet, the recommended suggestions are:

  • Eat when you feel hungry
  • Eat more of green foods from your bulletproof diet
  • Stop eating once you are full

Wrapping up, bulletproof diet is the recent buzz in healthy weight loss plans. There are no disciplinary lines to follow this diet with butter, steak, coffee, and chocolates while reducing in a healthy way. So, get your bulletproof diet and start losing weight the healthy way.

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