Baby-wearing and Benefits


Baby-wearing is an age-old practice to carry your baby in a sling or baby-carrier. You can use it as a substitute to a buggy or pushchair while you’re out with your baby. Or, you can also use it at home so as to get on with your daily activities while your baby still sleeps close to you. In ancient times, baby-wearing or slings were made with a soft cloth piece.

Benefits of Baby-wearing

Baby-wearing or sling has been in use across the globe. But, with passing time, the popularity of baby-wearing went down in the modern world, especially with the well-off moms. However, the technique is regaining its popularity in the modern world.

Some of the amazing benefits of baby-wearing that contribute to its rising popularity are:

  • Promotes Bonding

Baby wearing is extremely helpful to create a better level of intimacy and improve the bonding between the baby and the mother. In all ways, this is highly beneficial for your baby’s health as well. Also popularly compared to kangaroo health, it is considered as an annex of skin-to-skin therapy as you hold the baby against you.  The baby feels happier. Moreover, it also endorses better attachment along with better all-round development of the baby. This is because the baby is able to see and interact better with the world around him.

  • Reduces Crankiness

Like I have mentioned earlier, the breathing activity relaxes and calms your baby. In addition, the warmth produced by your body makes the baby happier. All this further helps to prevent your baby from getting crankier and being a cry baby all the time.  

  • Provides Convenience

Another benefit of using baby-wearing or a carrier sling is that it enables you to get through with your daily chores while you still carry your child close to you. You can easily do multi-tasking, especially when you are a mother to two kids or more. Wearing your baby on helps you get your hands free to perform other daily chores easily and, above all, more efficiently. You can do anything from cooking to cleaning around and helping your other kids as well as performing other jobs around the house.

  • Keeps the Baby Secure and Safe

It is highly satisfying to know that your baby is carried safely by you. It gives a better feeling as contrasting what you feel when your baby is laying in a pack and play or allowed to move free. Besides, baby-wearing is also helpful to make it convenient for you to carry your baby quite easily to prevent him from running around when not at home.

  • Exercise

Being a mother means giving up on your exercise and workout routine. Well, baby-wearing makes it easier and more convenient. This is because when you carry your baby on your back, you’re indirectly weightlifting. What you need to do is just strap your baby on your back and keep going with your daily household chores. Moreover, you can also go for a short walk while still carrying your baby close to you.

  • Makes Breastfeeding Easier

Baby-wearing makes it easier for you to judge when the baby is hungry. This is because the baby is held just at the face level. Adding further, it makes the process of breastfeeding easier than ever before, more particularly when in public or if you are surrounded by friends or relatives. The sling or carrier works well to cover and provide desired privacy for breastfeeding.

  • Stimulate Better Sleep

Babies are really fond of the warmth that comes from bodily touch. When you wrap the baby close to your body, the breathing activity produces a calming effect thus making him sleep more easily and soundly.

Tips to Use Baby-wearing

Generally, moms learn to use baby-wearing naturally and don’t require any special training. However, some may require some practice to get used to it. It is also referred as the ABC of baby-wearing.

A – Leave the AIRWAY open

When carrying your baby in the sling, ensure that the airways are not blocked to prevent the baby from choking. Keep the chin off the chest to provide circulation of fresh air around the baby’s face. The baby should be in close view to help you keep a check all the time.

B – Appropriate BODY POSITION

Try to make sure that the sling or carrier provides proper support to the neck and trunk of the baby when holding. Check the position for slumping, more preferably with the knees raised higher than the buttock.

C – Adequate COMFORT

Make sure that the carrier or sling provides adequate comfort for your baby. It is extremely important to have a spotter around to help if, at any point, you don’t feel comfortable using the carrier or sling.

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