9 Ways to Add Ginger to your Diet


Ginger is a wonderful natural spice which also works as an effective natural medicine. It is being used to treat innumerable health problems, as well as major, since ages. The rhizome, basically the ginger root, grows underground with a light brown skin and juicy yellowish flesh. When added to any food, it adds an inviting aroma along with a spicy taste.

Being one of the oldest spices known for amazing health benefits, it is known to contain an assortment of powerful compounds to treat numerous health ailments.

Check out some easy yet effective ways to add ginger in your daily eating schedule to get amazing health benefits.

1.Ginger Tea

This is the easiest way to derive benefits from ginger. Simply grate some fresh ginger and allow it to steep in water for 8-10 minutes. Now, strain the water off the ginger and add other flavor ingredients to this tea, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and agave nectar. You can drink this tea twice a day to get relief from problems like cough, cold, and headache.


Ginger juice or freshly grated ginger is very commonly used in marinade recipes. These marinades are used over salads or vegetables for grilling, steaming, or baking. To prepare a marinade at home, chop some of your favorite herbs such as cilantro, basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, or parsley. Add some chopped onion, lime juice, grated ginger, along with a few drops of olive oil. And, the marinade s ready to use!

3.Salads and Salad Dressings

Ginger also makes an excellent ingredient in salad dressings, especially garden salads and leafy greens. If you have never used ginger in salads earlier, add some grated ginger to minced and finely chopped basil, along with sea salt, a few drops of olive oil, and some fresh lemon juice.


If you are fond of cold drinks as best ways to quench the thirst on hot summer days, nothing can match the taste of ginger lemonade. All you need to do is to take a small piece of ginger and steep it in water for about ten minutes. Leave it to cool for a few minutes. Now, add some more fresh water, lemon juice, and a natural sweetener, such as honey. And, your drink is ready to enjoy!

You can add some crushed ice to make it cooler on hot summer days. Another refreshing option is to add some ginger juice along with a few fresh mint leaves.

5.Juices and Smoothies

This is yet another effective way to add ginger to your daily diet. Nothing can be as good as a glass of fresh juice or cold smoothies. And, adding ginger can surely help to enhance the nutritional value of the juice. An extra dose of immunity!

6.Cook it up!

You can slice up ginger in the form of planks or matchsticks, chop it up, grate or puree it to add it to your food. You can easily transform any simple recipe into a ginger recipe. But, the style of cutting varies with the dish type. For instance, to add flavor along with a textural component, use ginger in minced, chopped or thin matchstick form. The thin slivers of ginger get charismatically irresistible when roasted with root vegetables. Contrasting to this, adding small bits of minced ginger to your simple daily recipes help to provide occasional bursts of warm and spicy flavor whereas slices are just perfect to infuse flavor into just anything.

7.Soups and Stews

Grated or pureed ginger, fresh provided, boosts the zest of creamy hot winter soup. Try hands on carrot soup with ginger or spicy sweet potato soup with ginger.

8.Dehydrated Goods

If you are fond of baking cool treats in your dehydrator, you would surely love the enhanced flavor. Ginger works as a great combination with almost everything, whether it is sweet, such as coconut, apples, raisins, or dehydrated cookies. Ginger powder is also a good alternative.

9.Fruit Purees

Ginger get along very well with fruits like pineapples, mangoes, apples, peaches, and pears. Simply peel a small piece of fresh ginger and puree it with fruits of your choice. This would not only enhance taste but also provide a nutritional boost to the purees.

There are numerous excellent ginger recipes floating around the internet. You can give an authentic touch by adding ginger in the form of ginger powder or slices. You can even prepare your own ginger ale by adding fresh ginger to gingersnaps. If you are short of time and find it difficult to peel off ginger before adding to any recipe, you can prepare it in advance by slicing it into fine thin strips or in the form of ginger powder prepared by grinding dried ginger. Store it in freezer or refrigerator. And you magic wand is ready for amazing recipes.

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