Unique Hair Color Ideas for Women


Hair coloring has become the trend of the day. People love trying different expressions with this latest trend. With hair to have become the canvas for personal style and expression, people are always looking for unique hair color ideas. A unique hair color is not just a simple shade but a lot more than that. It provides an extended dimension to your look while and makes you the centre of attraction at any gathering.

1.Auburn with Blonde Tips

You can fade the auburn hair color to either a darker or a lighter color tone at the tips. This would create a fabulous look. One great idea is to have the strawberry blonde at the tips for a unique hair color effect.

2.Blonde and Red

Blonde color with red lowlights is not very common. This rare combination is incredibly unique. In addition, it also creates a romantic feel to the overall appeal of your hairdo.

3.White Blonde Pixie

Although white is not worn frequently by young women, it creates a gorgeous and highly mystical appeal to your overall appearance.

4.Red under Layer

Another recent craze gaining high popularity among fashionistas is the “Red under Layer”. Well, this color technique basically works on the notion of dying the under layer of the hair with a more vibrant color than the outside, like black hair with a bright red layer underneath.

5.Dark Brown with Caramel Highlights

Highlight placement is the key to add something extra to your hair. This dark brunette with caramel color highlights is amazing.


Platinum is a unique color with qualities to make it a very bright color. To intensify the effect, you can mix in grays, blondes, and gold into the color for something that is different without seeming excessively abnormal.

7.Black and Red

The combination of red and black is quite popular. However, the uniqueness lies in the coloring and placement technique. Everyone has a different choice to do it. Some keep the roots black and hair red while others do it vice versa.

8.Blonde Tipped Brown

Combination styles are best to create the unique effect of hair color. For instance, color your hair with brunette color with blonde ends. This would not only brighten the color but also make the brunette color richer in appearance thus providing a unique look.

9.Light Auburn

Red hair color might be a bold choice for many of us. In addition, it also seems to get a bad rap. Alternatively, the light auburn color gives a unique color tone because of the golden shade highlighted in the color.

10.Clearly Crayola

This is another bold shade from the family of red. This bright red color is unique for the unmatched vibrancy of the red and lack of other lowlights or highlights visible.


Lavender is yet another unique hair color to play with and have a fun experience. Combined with dark roots and white or gray highlights, lavender gives a beautiful look. You can also combine it with any other setting (as per individual choice) as well to turn numerous heads.

12.Blue to Green

This is another unique and fun experience to play with colors. Go for a blue to green fade that creates an ocean style appeal. It also allows for a little fun with the hair color play.

13.Cool Colors

Yet another unique hair color idea is to choose a variety of colors that provide some fun results. You can try a combination of light blue, blue, and purple to create a lowlight and highlight effect.


Usually, you don’t see people carrying mauve hair color. But, this unique and bold hair color is definitely a choice to consider if you feel like mixing things up.

15.Red, Yellow, and Orange

This is a unique combination of hair color. This flame like combination of red, yellow, and orange placed precisely to provide the effect of a flame. However, this bold look is not for everyone making it unique.


Also referred commonly as unicorn hair, this unique hair color shade is a result of numerous colors. Moreover, the placement of colors also plays a crucial role in creating the mystical effect. It is completely a fun feel to play with this unique color pattern.

 17.Pure Violet

Usually, solid hair colors are quite common. Although you choose to go for a home kit, there is certain uniqueness in the resulting shade. This is because of the current color’s role to bring the final shade.

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