Latest Hair Color Trends for Women


New trends always help to create a new you. A new you always help to boost the confidence level. Starting from the top, there are always new hair color trends bursting out. The wide color spectrum of hair colors provides plethora of stunning ways to enhance your personality. Various shades of brunette, blonde, and fiery red are forming latest trends in fashion world through Instagram influencers and celebrity stylists.

Bringing about a change in your hair color can be as drastic as a coat of hot pink or bright purple or as subtle as just a little highlighting of the locks. Well, for 2018, the hair color trends are subtler and less drastic as contrasting past few years.

Some latest hair color trends that must be tried on include:

Subtle Face-Frame Highlights

The subtle face-framing highlights are perfect to achieve a flattering look as if produced by the sun itself. Special foil-free coloring techniques and hand-painted highlights give a more natural and less chunky appeal.

Rose Blonde

This hair color has been declared as one of the topmost colors of hair colors of the year list. While millennial pink has occupied the top position in every aspect of our life, the rose gold hue is its budge into the world of hair color fashion. This amazing color sways more blonde or pinker. It is that fine line between the two shades that provides an ethereal appeal to the shade.


Well, this one’s my personal favorite! It is named differently as burgundy, mulled wine, deep mahogany, eggplant, or dark maroon. This is the one of the easiest options to enhance your hair color if you have brunette or black hair. More amazingly, this color has the potential to range from being barely-there to full crimson.

Chocolate Mauve

Sounds like a new addition by the Starbucks creation! This has become one of the most popular and trendiest hair colors of the day. It creates a subtle look that is ideal for brunettes looking to color the hair but with a shade that is not so obvious and really subtle. It blends in with the natural hair color such that it doesn’t seem if it is there.

Midnight Blue

Jewel tones are in trend not only for clothing and nails but also for hair in 2018. The fine denim blue that walks the line between black and blue is here. This subtle change is perfect to try on for girls with natural black hair locks. Just like darkest blues, emerald greens and deep teals are also walking to the salons to make new trends.

Rainbow Roots

Instead of getting a rainbow head with hair locks colored that way, the trend is to color only the roots and get it blended with the natural hair color. The best combination to work on is with darker tones and black or brunette hair and pastels with blonde. With Selena Gomez having made initial step to bleach blonde hair and keep the roots naturally dark, it is expected that a lot of root trends would be seen in the coming season.


The coppery hair color with a burnt orange effect on the hair locks is the next step to go redheaded. Strawberry blondes or brunettes can easily make the appeal subtle with differ lowlights and highlights.

Buttery Blonde

Blondes are making hot trends in the fashion world of hair colors. The buttery blonde is a warmer version and creates a more natural looking appeal contrasting what is created by the very popular bleach and ashy blondes. This is the most ideal hair color shade to go for during any season.


Even though this hair color has been around the corner for past few years, it has gained a higher mainstream this year. The shade is created to include the beauty of fine, undamaged, and sun-kissed hair, just like those of a baby (to go by the name of the hair color shade). These highlights are softer than soft and provide the prettiest and most subtle appeal to your hair.

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

This hair color may sound like a welcoming holiday drink. The shade is simply perfect for those who want a trendy upgrade. This highlighted color trend is a combination of tones of caramel bronze and red.


If your hair strands have started to gray all naturally, avoid reaching a salon to get them all covered. Charcoals and smoky grays are the latest trend of the season. In fact, it is a welcome diversion from the too-bright “unicorn” colors from past years.

Special Tip:

When planning to transition your hair into a new look, it is extremely important to consider your skin tone as the priority factor in choice of hair color. While ashy and cooler winter shades compliment fair skin with lighter features, warmer tones with golden base are perfect for tan and olive skin, or brown eyes and naturally dark eyebrows.

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