Shikakai Benefits for Hair


Shikakai is a popular herb that has been in use for many decades. It is known for its amazing qualities to stimulate hair growth and curb problems like hair fall along with other skin conditions. It is, basically, a climbing herb but belongs to the shrub family. Found mainly in South East Asia and Western parts of Asia, it grows in warm weather conditions. Besides being beneficial for hair growth, it also works as an excellent analgesic and a highly effective astringent. However, being dry at base, it is important to mix Shikakai with some moisturizing substance for better conditioning effects.

How to Use Shikakai

Usually, Shikakai doesn’t provide much lather. For this purpose, it needs to be mixed with reetha, also known as soap-nut. This mixture is simply amazing to clean the scalp and hair. The different ways to use Shikakai for hair are:

  • As a hair pack –
Shikakai to prevent hairfall

You can prepare a Shikakai face pack by mixing it with other herbs like reetha and henna. This hair pack is highly nourishing and can work wonders on your hair.


  1. A combination of yogurt and Shikakai is simply amazing for the hair.
  2. Massage your hair with this mixture and let work for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Follow this application on alternate days to see wondrous results within a week.

Another good hair can be prepared in the following manner:

  1. Add a cup of Amla powder and half a cup of Shikakai powder to a cup of tepid water.
  2. Set aside for an hour or two.
  3. Apply this paste on your head.
  4. Let work for 30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

This remedy is simply amazing for dandruff affected hair.

  • Use as a Shampoo –

Usually, many Shikakai based shampoos are available in the market. However, there is no surety of them being completely natural. There is always a small content of chemicals added to it. You can prepare your own natural Shikakai shampoo easily at home.


To prepare a Shikakai shampoo at home –

  1. Soak some dried Shikakai pods along with dried Amla and a little reetha overnight.
  2. Next morning, boil the water to soften the pods.
  3. Let cool. After this mash ad strain the mixture to use as your shampoo.

It should, however, be noted that although it might not lather as much as a readymade chemical laden shampoo, it can do a better job with better results.

Shikakai Benefits for Hair

Generally, Shikakai is being used in the Indian continent for numerous decades. It is considered as a blessing for hair care. This natural treatment has proved very effective while being exclusive of any chemical substances.

Here are some of the amazing benefits provided by Shikakai for hair.

  1. Treats Dandruff

Shikakai is packed with amazing and highly effective antibacterial, anti-fungal, and nutritional properties. These anti-fungal and antiseptic properties not only nourish the scalp but also reduce dryness and itching. Regular use of Shikakai can wash off the pesky dandruff completely. Furthermore, it is also mild and therefore does not strip off the essential oils from your hair thus leaving it smooth and shiny as ever.

  2.Makes the Hair Thicker and Stronger

Dry and coarse hair can create a feeling of discomfort and make you conscious about your appearance with open hair. However, tying up the hair all the time can further build up on the woes by increased splitting and breaking. This is because of the tension and pressure coming from bands and scrunches. Shikakai provides strength to the roots. Furthermore, it also softens and smoothens the hair by providing vitamins and essential oils crucial for healthy hair. It also reduces hair fall thus increasing the hair volume naturally.

3.Provides softness and shine

Natural shikakai shampoo for hair

The natural properties of Shikakai work to make the hair shinier and softer. You can use it as a shampoo or also prepare a paste to apply as a hair mask for desired results.

4.Removes Hair Lice

Hair lice can be a stressful and embarrassing problem. They can lead to awkwardness besides being a cause for uncontrolled itching and scalp discomfort. Shikakai is quite effective in removal of lice from the head in single use. If your children have picked any from other kids at school, Shikakai is the perfect thing to retort to.

5.Prevents Graying of Hair

Aging can be a distressing process. Spots, wrinkles, and gray hair are the early signs of aging. They can make you look tired and worn. Shikakai has amazing properties to delay and slow down the appearance of grey hair. Including Shikakai in your daily hair care routine can provide you a feeling of youthfulness for long.

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