Glitter Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Common makeup mistakes to avoid

The present day world does not think makeup to be meant for parties only. It has become an essential for daily regime. The basic point that necessitates wearing makeup is to carry an appearance with highlighted facial features. It is, therefore, essential to carry a makeup that looks completely natural rather than giving an overdone look.

Common Glitter Makeup Mistakes and their Solutions

Glitter makeup is completely different from the routine makeup applied. Most of us usually tend to make some common mistakes when applying glittery makeup. This write would provide you the common mistakes and easy ways to fix them. Read on.

Worn off Eye Shadow

The use of color used for eye shadow for night makeup is different from what is used for night makeup. Generally, many of you might end up wearing a creased or worn off eye shadow. The primary cause leading to this flaw is inappropriate use of primer. Make sure to apply a primer starting from the lash line to the brows preceding the application of eye shadow. This would not only pop up the colors but also avoid the creasy look.

Staining Lipstick

This is another common glitter makeup mistake experienced by many of us. The lip glosses and lipsticks are designed using heavy pigments and moisturizing ingredients. These pigments provide the glossy appearance. Also, this gloss can get easily transferred and leaves stain on everything that comes in contact with your lips. As a suggestion to avoid this problem, blot the excessive pigments with a tissue paper before applying the gloss. This would let the gloss slowly absorbed by your lips thus avoiding occurrence of stains.

Falling glitter

Glitter fallout is another common mistake that occurs during glitter makeup application. As a precautionary measure, dip the applicator into the glitter followed by gentle patting on the eye. Avoid rubbing for this can make the glitter fall everywhere. Hold a tissue below the eyes to prevent the excess glitter from falling onto the face. Another alternative for a flawless application is using a wet glitter.

Improper matching

Many a time, it is difficult to find the perfect colors to match your outfit. In such cases, it is better to go for a shade lighter or darker rather than strive to create the perfect color and make blunders about your face. If you do not want to go for contrast shades, the best option is to opt for smoky eye makeup. The smoky eye glitter makeup complements any dress quite good.

Inappropriate Use of Glitter

Another common mistake with glary makeup is over application of glitter. It is better to create a shimmery look instead of going for a theatrical appeal. It is not necessary for glitter makeup to be sparkly. You can also go for romantic and subtle look. This depends entirely on the choice of colors.

Tips to Flaunt a Flawless Glitter Makeup

While glitter makes one of the best wasy to elevate any makeup look, from dab to super fab, it is also simultaneously one of the most common makeup technique to create a complete mess and turn the fab into dab.  

Check out the following gliterry hacks to make your glitter makeup a fab rather than a dab.

  • Go for Cosmetic Glitter Specifically

Avoid buying glitter from a nearby craft store. Instead, make sure to buy glitter products that are designed to be worn on face specifically. Buying normal glitter from any craft store may irritate the skin or lead to breakouts.

  • Apply a Base

Glitter doesn’t have the quality to apply very thickly. Even a simple glitter nail paint takes numerous applications to create the perfect shade, but the nail beds are still visible. Therefore, when you are applying a glitter eyeshadw, make sure to apply a, eyeshadow base in similar color tone to make the application more even.

  • Apply Glitter at an Initial Stage

The most difficult pat of applying anyglitter product is the risk of falling out, especially when applying minute shimmery pieces. While some may end up dusting your cheeks, some may even get smudged over the forehead. Threfore, make it a point to apply glitter as the first step of your makeup application process.

  • Set it Up!

Once you are done with your all glam glitzy makeup, set it out with a setting spray and let it dry completely. This will work as a top coat any loose glitter, especially the ones not stuck properly to the base, will stay on all day long.

There are many innovations that can be added to make your glary makeup more attractive and add the oomph to your personality. However, make it a point that makeup should be applied to enhance your features and boost up the confidence.

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