Accessorizing a White Dress


Gone are the days when white dresses were only a symbol of welcoming summers. With recent trends, white is the color of every season. It indicates a happy mood. White dresses can appear as classy as poolside mojitos and as ubiquitous as backyard barbeques on hot afternoons. Moreover, they are highly universal and are simply perfect for any occasion. It can suit anyone irrespective of age, body shape, and skin type.

Accessorize your White Dress

The most important benefit of wearing a white dress is that it can be used as a blank canvas that is willing and ready to adapt to anything that can make you look fancy. However, though white dresses look stunning they can also make your appearance dull. This is where accessories make an entry.

Here are some cool ideas to accessorize your white dress to create the oomph effect. Some of these are quite obvious while others might go completely out of the way to create a stunning appeal.

  • Rock it Up

Try your white strapless or white halter dress with black tights and black ankle boots. To give an edge to the angelic white, you can add a biker jacket or a black statement necklace to your dress. A structured blazer can create a completely different look.

  • Pair it up with unexpected elements

You can pair your white dress with a chunky, colorful necklace along with strappy heels and a unique clutch if you are dressing up for a girls’ night out. You can create a more comfortable and casual look by pairing up your white dress with fun sneakers. 

  • Get Belted

Using a belt can create an eclectic vibe to the white dress. A textured or a wide belt can even intensify the look. Shirt dresses are the latest fashion trend this season. Wrap a dark skinny clincher. Conclude the look with heels or platforms in a lighter tone.

  • Don’t miss the slip

It is recommended to wear a slip and either nude or white undergarments with a white dress. This becomes even more important in case of a sheer white dress, basically, white tends to become transparent. Moreover, the fabric might cling to the body in the absence of a slip.

  • Decide on a Look

This is the most important aspect before you jump to accessorize your white dress. Keep a goal in your mind. Decide on the look you want to create with your white dress. Go bold instead of shying away on a date night. However, for work, a subdued look is preferred.

  • Accessorize your White Dress with an attractive hairdo

Hairdos are no more about keeping the hair off your face. Hair has become an intricate part of the complete appeal. It has become all the more important to style your hair well for your white party dress. To complement your white dress, go for light curls or a messy bun to create a just-out-of-the-ocean look. Another option to accessorize your white dress is by skipping the jewelry altogether. Just wear a subtle rhinestone clip in a streamlined up do. 

  • Make a Wise Choice of Shoes

Choice of shoes can change the entire look of your white dress. For a beach or summer inspired look, go for sandals or wedges in skin tone.  For an understated elegance in your style, add on a pair of pumps or strappy heels in beige or nude tone. On the other hand, silver stilettos or pumps can serve the purpose when you want to create a glam appeal with your white dress. It is strongly advised to keep away from pairing a white dress with white footwear as it can make you look shorter.

  • Scarves

No accessory can be as versatile as the humble scarves. It is probably the most excellent way to accessorize a white outfit. Throw any color scarf casually around the neck as a stylish and elegant addition to the outfit. Scarves call for experimenting. It is wise to play around with patterns and colors depending upon the occasion. You can also use one to tie around the waist to substitute a striking belt and create a playful appeal. To create a more retro style appeal, go for a more colorful scarf tied around the head as a headband.

With all the above tips, it is equally important to choose the makeup wisely. The basic trick is to amp up either the eyes or the lips. For white dresses, it is recommended to contour the lips and let your eyes and face go with simple shimmer for a subtle yet stylish appeal. 

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  1. Vibrators says:

    If you are wearing a white dress with pink and blue flowers, wear pink or blue accessories. This is a great way to match with your dress in a more nuanced way.

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