Is Chyawanparash Safe During Pregnancy?

Chyawanprash when trying to conceive

Usually, Chyawanparash is considered completely safe during pregnancy. In fact, many Ayurveda practitioners recommend it for expecting mothers because of the high content of vitamin C. However, intake of any type of supplements during pregnancy should follow the doctor’s advice. Chyawanparash provides numerous benefits to general health – for digestion, hair, rejuvenation, breathing, and even sexual power. But, surprisingly, Chyawanparash also provides amazing health benefits during pregnancy.

Is Chyawanparash Safe during Pregnancy?

Chyawanparash is considered to be completely safe and highly beneficial during pregnancy. However, as recommended by health practitioners, the dose for pregnant women should be reduced. A quarter teaspoon or half a teaspoon of Chyawanparash a day is sufficient during pregnancy.

However, it is worth noting that Chyawanparash is not recommended during the hottest months when pregnant, nor during the all duration of pregnancy. Chyawanparash is a supplement that should be taken for short time periods. Chyawanparash provides numerous health benefits during pregnancy, vitamin C being the most important one. However, it is important to ensure that the Chyawanparash you consume is during pregnancy is pure and doesn’t contain ingredients other than the ones included in the recipe of Chyawanparash.

Benefits of Chyawanparash in Pregnancy

The health benefits of Chyawanparash during pregnancy include:

Fights Anemia

Anemia is common during pregnancy. Many women tend to get anemic during pregnancy. However, Chyawanparash helps to prevent anemia during pregnancy. Besides the high content of vitamin C, that helps to absorb iron, Chyawanparash also increases the level of iron (red cells count) in the body.

Vitamin C

This is the most important health benefit provided by Chyawanparash during pregnancy. Expecting mothers require high amount of vitamin C form food. Chyawanparash, being a natural source of vitamin C, is considered as one of the best sources after dietary sources. During pregnancy, vitamin C helps to maintain proper iron level and strong bones in the fetus.

Boosts Immune System

Chyawanparash is an amazing boost for the immune system. This is not just because of high content of vitamin C but also because it encourages the growth of white blood cells. It is very important for pregnant women to stay away from colds.

Improves Digestion

Poor digestion is a common problem during pregnancy. Chyawanparash creates better pH balance in the stomach juices thus providing better absorption of nutrients. It also prevents problems like nausea, constipation, and diarrhea as well. Better digestive functions indicate better oxygen supply to rest of the body and to the fetus as well.

Strengthens the Hair

During pregnancy, nutritional deficits may lead to hair loss post delivery. Chyawanparash helps to prevent hair loss during pregnancy because of the Amla content in it. Amla has been considered one of the best ingredients for hair growth since ages.

Anti-ageing Benefits

During pregnancy, your body requires good quantity of vitamins for healthy development of the baby. Consequently, the mother might feel to age surprisingly and suddenly. One of the benefits of Chyawanparash during pregnancy is that it prevents premature aging of the mother.

Some other health benefits of Chyawanparash during pregnancy include:

  • Better absorption of calcium in the body thus supporting growth of strong bones of the fetus
  • Increases the level of hemoglobin and fulfils the requirement of other nutrients as well
  • Even though it contains small amount of proteins, it improves protein synthesis in the body thus providing better and string muscles to the fetus.

Precautionary Tips

In spite of the various health benefits provided by Chyawanparash during pregnancy, there are also certain precautions to be taken care of to avoid any side effects or serious consequences. Most importantly, Chyawanparash is not recommended during the hottest months of the year, i.e. during summer season for it may increase the burning sensation.

Adding further, it is not recommended for women with diabetes. This is because of the good content of sugar contained by Chyawanparash. It is also recommended to avoid Chyawanparash if you have diarrhea.

Sometimes, you may feel burning sensation after having Chyawanparash. To avoid this, drink a glass of warm milk after having your daily dose of Chyawanparash.

Chyawanparash is considered one of the safest remedies for pregnant women to ensure better bodily functions. With healthier immunity and improvement in overall body functions, it also indicates a better chance for a normal and healthier pregnancy.

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