Best Options for Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

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We have given a detailed elucidation of eating disorder in our previous article. Of those types of eating disorder, the binge eating one is the most common variety where many people experiencing it. Feeling embarrassed to have food in front of others? Don’t know how to come out of this habit? It’s not a big deal! Here are the few ways to get rid of the eating disorder. 

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

The root cause of this binge eating disorder varies. The treatment options rely on the reason for this eating disorder and involve a wide range of treatment options to do away with it. It is not a single therapy, rather includes a combination of treatments that give you better results. The step by step procedure of the long-term team plan to recover from binge eating disorder is as follows.

1. Have a Consult with Your Physician

After identifying the eating disorder based on the signs and symptoms, it’s a wise choice to have a consultation with the doctor. Now it’s important to address the signs and symptoms of your problem in every aspect along with your day-to-day activities. This helps your physician to conclude the type of eating disorder which you suffer from.

2. Get a Medical Evaluation

The consequences of eating disorders are fatal and you would have been aware of it. It brings serious health issues so its mandatory to get a full medical evaluation. If you have any serious life-threatening problems, then you have to be hospitalized and get it treated immediately. If you are fine of your kind then obviously you can move to the long-term treatment plan.

3. Long-term Treatment Plan

This plan involves a combination of therapies for recovery. The treatment plan consists of:

Psychological therapy

Psychotherapy is the most important constituent of eating disorder treatment. This therapy requires mental health professional for the guidance either in a group or individual sitting. Here the psychiatrist diagnoses and treats the emotional, and psychological problems which last from months to years.

The trained therapist comes out with the root cause for your eating disorder and that helps you to solve your problem of having such disorder. This treatment also reduces the binge, normalize your pattern of eating and mood, and improve your relationship. It helps you to come up with stressful situations and even develops the skill to solve your problems.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

It is a type of therapeutic counseling that helps you to come out of the mental stress, depressions, etc., It makes to discuss your negative thoughts, problems, behaviors, and feelings along with the orientation of thinking patterns to your external appearance like body shape and weight. 

CBT is the most effective treatment therapy for binge eating disorder. This includes distinct intervention methods of self-monitoring, changing the thoughts about yourself, overcoming your depressions, follow-up of regular meal pattern, having healthy foods, undergoing weight reduction protocol. The therapist guides you with these strategies by attending the daily sessions in order to improve it.

  • Family-based Therapy

This therapy makes use of family members and friends to restore your health. They guide you with the eating patterns and to attain healthy weight gain. The members must be aware of your signs, symptoms and your emotional disturbances as it helps them more to aid you out of this disorder.

For the persons with binge eating disorder, mainly the parents are in charge of their children and they play a crucial role to overcome BED.

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Interpersonal psychotherapy is a short-term treatment which involves the treatment period of about 12 to 16 weeks.  Here the treatment requires an open talk and the best interaction with the psychologist.  It help them to know about your unresolved problems such as conflicts in the relationship, any sexual abuse, social problems, etc.,

Any of these social issues may hinder your psychological condition and the mental health which engages you in binge eating. After identifying your problem, the therapist will go with the constructive changes in your lifestyle and behavior for a period of 16 weeks. This therapy improves the interpersonal skills that put you out of this negative eating behavior.

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy which mainly focuses on the emotions as it makes the person have a binge in order to cope up the emotional issues. Binge eating disorder treatment relies on dialectical behavior therapy as one of the best methods to discard this binge activity. This therapy improves your behavioral skills so that you can able to manage emotional disturbances such as stress, tensions, emotions and your tie-up with others.

This treatment changes the patient’s negative thinking patterns and substance abuse as it teaches you to solve the problems and also on how to regulate your anxiety. This behavioral change has a positive impact on your binge eating activity.

Nutritional Education

Giving nutritional education for persons with an eating disorder plays a crucial part in treating it. Here the nutritionist or the registered dietitians’ teach you the importance of nutrition to maintain your body’s health. They also make you understand the eating disorder and guide you to establish regular eating patterns of having three meals a day.

This nutrition education push you out of the purging behaviors in order to gain a healthy weight as malnutrition takes you to several health problems and it may be life-threatening too.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Medication

Administration of pharmaceutical drugs for the root cause of binge eating disorder helps to drive out the eating disorder. The medication plays a placebo effect for treating this disorder and this gives you a short-term reduction in binging.

Even though the medications are associated with its side effects namely gastric problems, headache, disturbances in sleep and fluctuations in blood pressure, it also aids in reducing the stress, anxiety and the symptoms of depression. Those medications include:

1. Anticonvulsant – Topiramate (Topamax)

It is a migraine medication which reduces the binge eating behavior. The side effects are enormous with this anticonvulsant. So give your medical history to the doctor in detail to avoid the consequences.

2. Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (Vyvanse)

This medicine is the first one to be approved for treating BED and this reduces the binge eating episodes.

3. Antidepressants

These are the commonly prescribed drug for eating disorders like BED, bulimia and purging activities. This helps in reducing the depression that makes you come out of the eating disorder.

Medications along with the psychological therapy give you an effective result in treating the eating disorder.

Engaging in Weight Loss Programs

Obesity or increased weight also leads to an eating disorder. Here comes the behavioral weight loss programs which take you out of the binge-eating disorder.

Attempting weight loss protocols on your own have a history of higher failure rate. Initially, the binge eating disorder has to be treated to an extent followed by engaging you in the weight loss program. It has to be done as the dieting in the weight loss program also triggers you to binge again and makes this a failed attempt.

Weight loss programs aim in improving your self-esteem, confidence, a balancing relationship with food and your body image. It gives a change in your mental behavior thereby assisting the person to come out of the binge eating disorder.

This weight loss programs should be done under medical supervision which ensures your nutritional meet in a place to reduce weight without malnutrition. Cognitive behavioral therapy along with the weight loss programs seems to be effective in treating this disorder.

4. Hospitalization for Eating Disorders

If you are accompanied by life-threatening physical health problems, then it’s advisable to be hospitalized to get it treated. Here the doctors stabilize the acute medical conditions and proceeds with the treatment for eating disorder such as normalizing the eating habits, the weight reduction with routine monitoring of your vitals.

Thus the eating disorder takes you to fatal complications. Step out of this disorder by following the treatment options which are mentioned above and stay healthy!

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