20 Fashion Tips for Women

Fashion Tips for College Going Girls

Everyone wants to be fashionable but doesn’t know where and how to start with. For doing anything it requires a set of guidelines or tips to help achieve the result. Fashion is also like that. Experts and designers will give tips to follow to carry off a certain look and mainly they will tell what not to do at times. Everyone may know something about fashion and feel like their fashion sense is exquisite. But, the reason what makes them different from the actual geniuses is the small details we normal folk tend to miss. Isn’t it nice to have all those details pointed out for you? Here are some of the tips you can rely upon while dressing for any look.

1. Know Your Body Type

Before you begin how to dress properly, knowing your body type is an important and basic thing you need to do. It is an important factor which determines the type of clothing suits you. Everything revolves around this.

2. Wear the Right Bra

Wearing the right undergarments not only fashionable but also healthy. You need to know your size correctly and buy the ones which are appropriate for handling your body.

3. Buy Good Quality Lingerie

Good lingerie is always a treat to women. Never back down from buying good lingerie. Wearing good lingerie always boosts your confidence.

Best Fashion Tips for Girls

4. Collect Jackets

Classics like Trench, denim and leather jackets are timeless and everyone needs them in their closets. You can wear at any time of the year in multiple ways.

5. Own Red Pumps

Who won’t say red pumps are legendary. The colour and heels give you the chance to strut around confidently which is totally on a different level. Every girl needs to experience it on her own.

6. Collect Scarves

Scarves work really wonderfully with some dresses. For you to pull off a certain look you need scarves. Make sure to collect all types of scarves- woollen, silk, linen, cotton as they are perfect for any season.

7. Choose Denim that Fits

There are many types of denim available- high rise, low rise, boyfriend, boot cur, baggy in the market. Prefer the style which suits your body best and save it for life. Make sure the denim is comfortable in your size as they are regular wear, you should not face any difficulties in your routine.

8. Colour Wheel

Even though it seems unnecessary, it is important you understand the colour wheel. It gives you a whole new perspective when you pair up colours. Don’t choose too many colours in a single outfit.

9. The Right Way to Wash Your Clothes

Pay attention to how to wash your clothes. Some fabrics tend to damage quickly with machine wash and shed colours. So be careful and know the preferable washing technique.

10. Layer Your Outfit

Layering your outfit to camouflage unflattering look will add definition to amp up your look.

11. Organize Your Closet Regularly

There are many unknown benefits of organizing your closet regularly. Discard any item you may no longer need and create space for new outfits. Organize them according to the occasion and you will find it easy to manage and find clothes.

12. Stop Shopping Impulsively

Whenever any outlet announces the sale, do you have a habit of running there?  If you have, stop it immediately. If it is a product if you are long waiting for, then go for it, otherwise, don’t buy it. Because think once, you are not willing to buy that outfit when there is no sale, only because there is sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it randomly.

13. Accessorize the Outfit

Accessories should be an integral part of the costume. Even a single piece can make your outfit dazzling or dull. You can wear them for every occasion. So, don’t try to forget accessorizing your costume wherever may be the purpose.

14. Follow New Fashion Tips

To maintain your fashionable image, you need to make sure to follow all the current trends in the fashion industry. Know which accessories look dope in the present trend and make sure to use them.

15. Prints and Patterns

Outfits with prints and patterns are art. Not everyone can make them work. Some have a natural ability to pull them off while others have to learn a few tips to make them work. Why wait, prepare yourself and go for it.

16. Multipurpose Pieces

Acquire a few pieces that you can use in more than one way. For example, take chambray or plaid skirt, plain tops, cardigans and dresses etc.

17. Long Tops with Leggings

Wearing a long top with leggings is a must.

Fashion Tips with Leggings

18. Loose and Tight

Depending on your body type balance the outfit by having loose and tight pieces. If one piece is loose, balance it rest of the outfit being tight.

19. Wear Proper Inner-wear While Wearing White

If you can carry a white outfit, there is nothing that can compare to it. But make sure to wear proper underwear- seamless panties and perfect bra, to go well with a white outfit.

20. Vertical Stripes

If you are petite or a plus sized woman, go for an outfit with vertical stripes. It makes you look taller and slimmer. So choose carefully.

There are rules set in stone in the fashion industry. They change quite often. But make sure to follow the basic tips and go from there. Don’t forget, you still have a lot to learn if you are a beginner.

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